Will the 15th century Dracula ‘Claes Bang’ be our new age Villain? “Dracula Season 2” details and More!! Spoiler Alert!!


The Sherlock Team is at work yet again! Netflix went on-air with the first season of Dracula. Just like Sherlock, Dracula comprises of 3 episodes, each of 90 minutes.

Each episode aired on BBC One in the UK from January 1-3, and the series aired in the USA on Netflix. Dracula, the series first follows Bram Stoker’s novel and then strangely diverges from it.

The first episode, “The Rules of the Beast,” begins as English solicitor Jonathan Harker (Jon Heffernan) visits the Count. While negotiating for a real estate deal, he finds himself as the vampire’s prisoner.

Will the 15th century Dracula 'Claes Bang' be our new age Villain? "Dracula Season 2" details and More!! Spoiler Alert!!

With Danish actor, Claes Bang playing Dracula, the second episode, “Blood Vessel,” shows his voyage on the Demeter and the chaos he faces onboard. Dracula’s arrival in England is shown in the third and final episode, “The Dark Compass.”

The creators, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, did adopt some key characters from the novel. However, they introduced some new characters as well. So if the writers do not wish to follow the book and create a whole new version, we might expect a season 2!

The final episode took a shocking leap and brought the 15th century Dracula to present-day London. Since Dracula is an immortal villain, there is no limit in the number of evil stories that can be built starring him despite the way Dracula ended.

Will the 15th century Dracula be our new age Villain? "Dracula Season 2" details and More!! Spoiler Alert!!

Now we have to see the kind of response this series gets. If Dracula turns out to be a hit, the chances of the creators returning with a sequel season will definitely increase. If season 2 does come, it’s safe to assume that Claes Bang will return as Dracula.

Also, if Dracula is a hit and a second season is ordered, being similar to Sherlock in structure. Sherlock may be replaced next year.

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