Find Me in Your Memory Season 2: Release Date, Fan Theories and Much more!

Find me in your memory as the name suggests is a story based on the human mind’s ability to remembrance and wonder what it could do. This mysterious k- drama series is written by Kim Yoon-Joo and Yoon Jin-Hyun and directed by Oh Hyun-jong and Lee Soon-Hyun. The show was aired on MBC by Chorokbaem media, a production company. After its decent performance, will the show be renewed and release as Find Me in Your Memory Season 2?

Find Me in Your Memory Season 2 Release Date

This popular South Korean drama was aired for the first time on March 18, 2020, and wrapped up the season by May 13, 2020. This journey of the show for nearly two months produced 32 episodes leaving behind the other series which are generally 10-12 episodes long. After its wrap-up in May, it’s too soon to say whether the next season of the show will be broadcasted as there is no word from the showrunners yet.

Also as the series is not yet available on any of the OTT platforms in the country or elsewhere we can first expect the release of the first season on available platforms internationally. However, if the series is renewed for the next season we can expect the program’s next by March 2021.

Find Me in Your Memory Season 2: Release Date, Fan Theories and Much more!

The Plot

Jeong Hoon is a news anchor who is great at his job and has a reputed personality, but a devastating happening of his past tears him up to be a rude and of an interrogatory nature. Suffering from hyperthermia he can remember all the happenings of his past and wishes to forget a girl whom he had fallen for but remains unsuccessful. On the other side of the river, the female protagonist, Seo Yeon suffers from memory loss and is unable to remember the latter.

This leads to many ups and downs in the storyline but the closure is satisfactory which also lessens the chances of the renewal. Also, the IMDB ranking of the show is 7.4/10 and the storyline is also not something extraordinary or a “must watch” show.

Meanwhile, Blu-ray can deliver the episodes by December. Check out this Twitter embed given below:-

The Cast

Those who watched the show could have survived it basically because of the cast whose appearances pulled off the show to an extent. The cast of the show is the reason we would love to watch the next season. Below are some of the characters we could expect for in the dram’s next

The Trailer

Until we come back with more updates about this Series, you can check JoJo part 6 & more.

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