Fire Force Season 2 Episode 20 Release Date, Plot Synopsis and Discussions about the Show!

Fire Force, also known as Enen no Shobotai, is a Japanese Science-Fiction Fantasy Anime directed and written by Tatsuma Minamikawa. The show has 2 seasons with the first season running from July 27 2019 to February 1, 2020. The Second Season premiered on July 4 2020 and has aired 19 episodes so far on JNN. Today we are going to talk about Fire Force Season 2 Episode 20.

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Fire Force Season 2 Episode 20 Story Synopsis

Most of the metropolitan cities have been consumed by the fire during The Great Disaster. As a result, most of the people took refuge in Tokyo, one of the few cities still left standing. The Emperor of Tokyo Raffles I starts a New Era called Tokyo Solar Era, where a special fire brigade has been established to fight “Infernals”, (human beings who are turned into living Infernos). Soon, however, a more powerful variation of Infernals arrive, who has the power of pyrokinesis while also retaining human form, they are called Demons. The Fire Fighters get their power from the Holy Sol Temple.

In the Present, Shinra Kusakabe, a firefighter, learns that a mysterious doomsday cult is behind the Infernal Attacks that killed his mother and younger brother. There is also Knights of the Ashen Flame who seek to repeat The Great Disaster.

In the last episode, we see a church Infernal priest getting killed by Iris on orders of Shinra. We also learn of a strange odor in the Nether. Tagaki and his partner are currently in the Nether, trying to find the reason for the strange smells. They eventually reach equipment, there they meet a White Clad member who is wearing a Bomb Belt. They somehow survive. General Oze orders Commander Honda to investigate  Nether and Honda asks help from Company 8.

Fire Force Season 2 Cast

Fire Force Episode 20 Release Date, Plot Synopsis and Discussions about the Show!

The cast of the show includes Gakuto Kajiwara as Shinra Kusakabe Yuusuke Kobayashi as Arthur Boyle, Kenichi Suzumura as Takehisa Hinawa, Mao Ichimichi as Iris,Aoi Yuuki as Tamaki Kotatsu, Gakuto Kajiwara as Shinra Kusakabe, Kazuya Naki as Akitaru Oubi, Saeko Kamijou as Maki Oze, Yumi Uchiyama as Arrow,Taiten Kusunoki as Leonardo Burns, Hiroki Yasumoto as Charon, Ryou Sugisaki as Conehead,  Kouichi Sourma as Fake Hikage, Kenji Nomura as Flail,Kazuyaki Okitsu as Karim Flam, Yutaka Aoyama as Giovanni and many others.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 20 Release Date

Each new episode of Fire Force gets released on Saturday. So the twentieth episode will be no different and it will get released on 14 November 2020 at  1:55 AM JST. Do Remember to change the timings to your local timezone.

Fire Force Season 2 Ep20 Trailer

Fire Force is available on Funimation, so those of you who haven’t watched the show can go over there and watch it.

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