Fire Force Season 2 Episode 24 : Release Date, Cast and Other Details!

Fire Force is Japanese based Anime Manga series by Atsushi Okubo. The series was developed first as a Magazine in 2015 and has over 26 Tankobon Volumes to date. The story is based on a young boy who gains power and uses it for ending infernal attacks and also investigating a series of crimes. It was first aired on the original regional network JNN. Fire Force Season 2 Episode 24 will be coming soon.

The Overview of Fire Force Season 2 Episode 24

In 198 the year of the Solar Era in Tokyo, an incident which was called the “Spontaneous Human Combustion” occurred in which Humans were being turned into living infernos called the “infernals”. The first generation of people was struck by this which affected the later generation in possessing an ability to manipulate flames.

Shinra Kusakabe was a young boy who was popularly called as ” Devil’s footprint” for his ability to ignite his feet whenever. These flames could be used in extinguishing any encounter with infernals. The journey of Shinra to discover the reason and the occurrence behind it is the main plot of the series.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode List, Release Date, and Casts

The previous episode saw the distance between Shinra and Sho in emotions and also Victor Licht warned about the dangers of Shinra’s powers. And Haumea and Yona threatened Shinra that they would destroy everything that he worked hard to obtain.

The Characters

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 24 is quite thrilling and have won a huge number of audience globally. It has scored a rating of 80% by rotten tomatoes on the Critic review. Shinra being one of the main protagonists of the series has gripped the audience in wanting to know about his powers and plans.


  • Shinra Kusakabe voiced by Derick Snow
  • Akitaru Ōbi by Jeremy Inman
  • Takehisa Hinawa by Christopher Wehkamp
  • Arthur Boyle by  Eric Vale
  • Victor Licht by  Ian Sinclair

Release Date of Fire Force Season 2 Episode 24

Episode 24 is will definitely reveal the fate of Kongo and its survival. Being the “Season Finale” of the series it could highlight the highest moments of the story so far. Shinra and Arthur will be brought to the limelight alongside Captain Shinm0n’s ways of teaching them to unlock new powers.

The release date of the series was on December 11th, 2020 which is now streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation

The Trailer

Until we come back with more updates on this series, you can check JoJo part 6 & more.

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