Forest Season 2 : Release Date, Cast, Plot and Official News about the Next Season!

Forest is a medical south Korean TV drama series. Written by Lee Sun young and directed by Oh Jong Rok, the drama aired in 2020 on KBS2. This a captivating story of an emergency service worker who can’t remember his childhood and a young passionate doctor. Two lost souls, both have their past connected and long forgotten, find solace in the forest. Forest Season 2  coming when?

Forest Season 2 Release Date

We do not expect another season of the forest as the last episode seemed to have been a befitting end to the series.

The Plot

Forest is a condoling narrative of two people who are bound by their harrowing pasts. To warn you, this drama does love burning things and them going down in flames.

A member of 119 special rescue team, Kang San hook is a smart and handsome man. But unfortunately, he does not remember his childhood past. Jung Young Jae is a surgical resident. They both meet in the forest where people go to find their souls. This drama started with Kang San hyuk rescuing Jung young Jae from a forest fire. Young Jae decides to start utilizing her time and treat the patients, while San hyeok decides to take up residence next to her house. Between their new cohabitation circumstances and a coincidental meeting at Young Jae’s hospital in Seoul, the two grow closer.

Forest Season 2 : Release Date, Cast, Plot and Official News about the Next Season!

We see how their repressed memories slowly come together and a horrible past they endured. In an extended flashback, we see San hyuk and his little sister abandoned by their mother. We also learn about the death of his sister.

Confronting the repressed pasts and dealing with the horrors of his childhood, San Hyuk takes the victory in the showdown. Young Jae learns about her parent’s suicide. They both relived their past traumas which gave them the strength to move forward with their lives.

The Cast

Forest Season 2 stars Park Hae jin as Kang San Hyuk, Jo Bo ah as Jung Young Jae, Jung Yeon Joo as Oh Bo mi, Ryu Seung soo as Bong Dae young among others.

The Trailer

Forest season 1 is available on Viki.

Until we come back with More Updates about Forest Season 2, till then you can Watch Goblin Slayer Season 2.

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