Fuuka Season 2: Release Date, Source Material and Plot and Others!

Fuuka Season 2 has neither been confirmed nor canceled by the makers yet. We will have to wait till the official confirmation. Read this space for all the details.

About Fuuka Season 2

Fukaa is an anime television series. The series had twelve episodes which aired from January 2017 to March 2017. The anime series was adapted from a manga series of the same name. It was published from February 2014 to April 2018 in Weekly Shonen Magazine. It was published online by Crunchyroll in English. Fuchaa season 2 is awaited by the fans of the series. Will it ever release? In this article, we will tell you whatever we know so far about Fuuka Season 2.

Fuuka Season 2 Release Date

The anime adaptation of the series began airing on January 6, 2017. It was produced by Diomedéa. We have completed four years since the release of the first season. Yet, the fans are still hoping and praying for a second season.  Going by the reports in the media, Fuuka season 2 is not making a comeback. However, Diomedéa has not canceled the series officially. The manga gained popularity right after its release in February 2014. The anime adaptation received great reviews and popularity after its release in Japan. Crunchyroll bought the license of the television anime series in North America whereas Funimation premiered its simuldub later that year.

Fuuka Season 2: Release Date, Source Material and Plot and Others!

While the musical anime’s sequel Fuuka Season 2 has not been called-off, chances for its return are limited. Even though the first season gained popularity amongst otakus, it was rated badly upon release by the critics.  Despite having an intriguing storyline, the first season failed to be a perfect series. The anime wasn’t a sell-out. In today’s time, creators have plenty of ideas and content available to adapt into anime. Diomedéa or any other studio might not invest money in a show that did not perform well in the first season.




On the other hand, the creators of Fuuku are infamous for not making sequels. Moreover, it is next to impossible for Fuuka Season 2 to be picked up by any other animation studio either. That being said, until the official cancellation is announced, there is always hope.

The Source Material

Thankfully, there still plenty of stories left for Fuuka Season 2 to adapt. The Fuuka manga series consists of a total of 195 chapters compiled in 20 volumes. However, the first season of the anime-only follows the first 30 chapters and starts separating from the story after that. Thus, even if the sequel is coming back, it will be hard for it to follow the manga.

Fuuka Season 2 Plot

Season 2 is not out yet. Thus, we will give you a quick recap of the plotline of the first season. If you have not watched a single episode, this article will give you spoilers. The protagonist is Yu Haruna, who is a shy fellow. He moves to a new city and starts tweeting regularly. He shares even the tiniest details of his life there. One day while he was engrossed in updating his tweets, he collides with uuka Akitsuki. The girl misunderstands him, thinking that he was filming her undergarments. She smashes his phone in anger. After a while, they come to know that they study in the same class in the same school. The story follows both of them. Will this Continue in Fuuka Season 2?

The Trailer


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