“Goblin Slayer Season 2” OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED by Creators Plot! Release Date and More!

Amazing news for the anime fans out there!  According to sources, goblin slayer season 2 is going to release in the year 2021.

Talking about the series, the Goblin slayer is based in a fantasy world where there is a group of men who are assigned to fight the Goblins. These men are accompanied by a priestess during their job. But most of the time, the priestess being inexperienced makes them land into trouble. The first season of the superhit anime series ended with Goblin slayer rescuing his and cow girl’s town.

In this season, Goblin slayer defeated Goblin Warlord and protected the town from complete annihilation. The end also revealed half face of Goblin Slayer with two marks under his chin. The last frame read, ‘Goblin Slayer will return.’ This gave a hint to the goblin fans that there are chances of season 2 coming up."Goblin Slayer Season 2" OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED by Creators Plot! Release Date and More!

However, due to the coronavirus crisis going on, the release has not been officially confirmed by the makers because this has allegedly delayed the dubbing part of the series. 

However, the suspicious end of Goblin Slayer season 1 and the clear message of returning of Goblin Slayer clearly indicates that the makers had already scheduled the release of season 2. 

If we talk about the business, the first season was a huge success as it increased source materials’ sales. So coming up with a season 2 won’t south, because of the popular fan base. "Goblin Slayer Season 2" OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED by Creators Plot! Release Date and More!

As for Goblin Slayer fans, we are excited about what will happen next! Hence spoiler alert! The next season is going to feature dark elf against orcbolg, and the festival arc will be the central theme of the next season. 

So, it will be very exciting to see the next rendition of the Goblin Slayer. Anime fans must stay tuned to know more about it as the developments can take place in the upcoming time, and the release date can be out very soon.

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