The love birds “Taylor Swift” and “Joe Alwyn” soon getting Engaged???

The couple first met at the Met Gala, 2016. They started dating since then but kept their relationship private. After Taylor Swift breaking up with Tom Hiddleston, she decided to be determined in her relationship and wanted it to be private.

In 2017, the couple was spotted by the paparazzi, spending some quality time having coffee in the balcony at Nashville before they could meet Taylor Swift’s parents. They were spotted a number of times in the following month in New York City.

The couple is being found frequently at the public events back to back. It seems like they are now open about their relationship and are no longer worried about appearing publicly. They also posted many pictures on social media at the same locations. Taylor Swift also introduced her boyfriend to her best friends Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid. 

Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn appeared publicly hand in hand and showed their love!

The love birds "Taylor Swift" and "Joe Alwyn" soon getting Engaged???

According to the reports, Taylor rented a house in North London near to Joe’s place. They first sat together at a public event, Golden Globes, and we’re carefree about their relationship.

They were later found again at the NME Awards in London, a member from the audience ‘Sophie’ filmed them kissing and hugging on the victory of Taylor’s best Solo Act.

Taylor once told that she felt bitter, alone, and broke in an interview, and she needed someone who could support her in everything she does. It’s now official like she found the person whom she always wanted !!

It’s been more than three years as of now!!! Keeping their relationship private helped the bond grow stronger and made understandings better in peace without any obstructions. The couple is compatible, and they support each other in their professional life. Their personalities really match and are together an ideal couple.

Taylor’s latest song ‘Lover’ seems to be about her boyfriend that describes their relationship and also hinted about their marriage. Joe also made a guest appearance in her latest Netflix’s Miss Americana documentary, launched on 31st January. They also showed their love on screen..!

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