Good Girls Season 3: Rumored Release Date, Plot & [Leaked] New Cast, Is there a new Good Girl?

Our favorite girl gang is going to grace us on the screens with a new season.

The ending of the second season was definitely not any of us were expecting. It had made us edge closer to the end of our seats with mounting anxiety. The climax in the last few episodes of the last season had sure left us awry.

The last season, Beth, Annie, and Ruby’s no so legal method of getting money had come back to haunt them. Beth’s toxic relationship with her boyfriend, who also happens to be a dealer, is hurting

The very thing which she kept close to her heart is in danger. Furthermore, Agent Turner has still not left her alone. He is still hell-bent on locking her up. It had a major plot twist that many of us did not see coming. She clearly prefers sisters before misters.

The release date of the third season is February 16, 2020. It will be aired on the NBC channel. It is finally confirmed that the third season will conclude with 16

Unlike the other seasons, this is way more than the number of episodes in the first and the second season. Undoubtedly, the third season ought to come on Netflix. Nonetheless, it’s still a mystery as to when will it be available on the streaming service.

Additionally, we have a new promo for the third season. In the promo, we can see that the three badass ladies are all busy working. They are focused on making illegal money with great concentration.

Moreover, the plot of the third season primarily deals with the book club sinking in their mess. Besides, there is a new good girl being added to the group. Charlyne Yi from The House. She is supposed to be a suburban mom with an unknown background.

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