Good Manager Season 2: Is it coming out in 2021?

Good Manager, also known as Chief Kim is another addition to the list of our favourite K-series that definitely deserves more praise than it actually received. The South Korean drama series is basically a Workplace Comedy-turned-satire that exposes the corporate world drenched in corruption. The show did a great job at displaying our dark society as it by infusing comic reliefs and that is why it did so well. If you’re yet to catch up with the show, we suggest that you do so ASAP! Let’s see if there is any kind of possibility lingering for the comeback of Good Manager Season 2.

One of the aspects that has been applauded by the viewers of this show is that it didn’t develop an excessive love triangle scenario as is often done by K-dramas. The arcs followed by all the characters are invigorating ones and pull us deeper into knowing what kind of people they are. Furthermore, the bromance between Namgoong Min and Lee Jun-ho has taken us all by storm and we appreciate the plotting and the efforts put in by the two actors. (WE LOVE IT!) What pains us the most is that shows like Good Manager are constantly overshadowed by other bigger names even when they deserve a LOT.

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Good Manager Season 2: Is it coming out in 2021?

Good Manager Season 2 Announcement & Release Date

KBS hasn’t laid down any official announcement about bringing back Good Manager for another season. The devoted fans of the show have loved each and every bit of the show ranging from its setting, storyline, characters and the chemistry between them. It has left us all begging for more especially since the romantic arc of the show was left unsolved even at the end. Looks like we’ll have to keep that upto our imagination because nothing points in the direction of a sequel. The drama started airing on 25 January 2017 and went on for 20 episodes till 30 March 2017.

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Good Manager Storyline

Gangsters and their posse of subordinates come off as evil setups overtly, but businesses and corporate dealings are presented in the facade of suits and ties. Regardless of this seemingly attractive guise, the latter is as messed up as the former. Call it fate or what, Kim Sung-ryong has experienced both these worlds. He used to help gangsters but eventually ended up becoming the Manager of the Accounting Department at TQ Company and gets a first hand look into its corrupt working. Soon enough tables turn and his moral conduct changes as well.

Season 1 of Good Manager is streaming on Netflix.

Good Manager Season 2 Characters

If somehow our wishes are granted in the future and Good Manager makes its way back then we can hope for the story to be explored further from the perspective of the old cast.

  • Kim Sung-ryong played by Namgoong Kim
  • Yoon Ha-Kyung played by Nam Sang-mi
  • Seo Yul played by Lee Jun-ho
  • Hong Ga-eun played by Jung Hye-sung
  • Choo Nam-ho played by Kim Won-hae
  • Lee Jae-joon played by Kim Kang-hyun
  • Won Ki-ok played by Jo Hyun-sik
  • Bing Hee-jin played by Ryu Hae-rin
  • Sun Sang-tae played by Kim Seon-ho

Good Manager Season 2 Trailer

Since we don’t have a trailer for the second season yet, check out the teaser of Good Manager Season 1 below:

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