Great Pretender Episode 17 Release Date, Plot Synopsis & Spoiler Discussion

Great Pretender Episode 17 is coming up very soon. The anime has already completed airing but only in Japan. So far, for international audiences, only the first 14 episodes are available. There are rumors on the internet about the release of the seventeenth episode and we are here to clear all of that up. Sure, you might have already seen it with “unofficial” means. However, for those who are waiting for the second season of the English version, keep reading. We will tell you everything we know while telling you what’s true and what isn’t. 

Great Pretender Episode 17 Release Date

There are rumors of the show airing on a weekly basis. That is not the case. The first 3 cases are available for viewing. That is until episode 14. The last case has 9 episodes and they will be released altogether. As a result, they are being called Season 2. We will tell you where to watch it in the next section. However, the 17th episode along with the other 8 has a confirmed release date.

That date is November 25, 2020. The show did premiere in Japan from June  2, 2020, till September 21, 2020. It followed a similar format on Netflix Japan. It was divided into 2 seasons. The show also aired on Fuji TV. The first season aired for the entire world on August 20, 2020, on Netflix.

Great Pretender: What The Show Is About

The story of the show follows Makoto “Edamame” Edamura. He is supposedly Japan’s greatest swindler. One day while tricking a seemingly clueless tourist, Edamura gets tricked himself. He now has the police after him. He runs into the tourist again who turns out to be another con man. His name is Laurent Thierry. They compete for the title of Japan’s greatest swindler. Edamura’s skills are put to the test again and again. He realizes he has bit off more than he can chew as the stories take him all across the world. 

Definitely check out the show to see the adventures of Makoto and Laurent. The episodes take place on a case by case basis. Some cases take up to four episodes while some can take more. 

Great Pretender Episode 17 Release Date, Plot Synopsis & Spoiler Discussion

Great Pretender Ep 17 Spoilers

As the show has already aired in one part of the world, there are of course spoilers. If you don’t want to know about the episode or the episode before it; look away. See you in the next section. For those who are still reading, we will take a quick recap of the previous episodes. Also, we will give a brief idea of what’s in the episode. So, be warned again; spoilers below.

The episode we are talking about is part of 9 episodes that focus on one case. The title of the 17th episode is “Wizard of Far East (Case 4.3). From the 15th episode, Edamura tries to break off from Team Confidence. He gets a job in a company run by Akemi Suzaku who trades slaves and has connections with the Mafia. Before he can realize what he’s gotten into, he gets pulled into another job with Laurent and his team.

In the 16th episode, Suzaku makes a deal with Cynthia and Kim to sell Princess Abigail Ibrahim. Makoto is tasked with helping her escape but fails as a result of wanting to save the other child slaves. In Great Pretender Episode 17,  Makoto is reunited with his father during a meeting with a sister company in Shanghai. Everything goes awry as he tries to patch things up with his father. He does so by helping rescue the slave children and Abigail. 

The Wizard of Far East is a case consisting of 9 episodes. So, we don’t want to go into more detail and spoil more for you. Make sure to check it out when it’s released. 

Great Pretender: Where To Watch

The second season that consists of episodes 15 to 23 will be available on Netflix. As mentioned, it will be released as a second season. Currently, you can catch up with the first 14 episodes on Netflix. 

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