Black Mirror Season 6 is NOT RETURNING because of Coronavirus, But When will it Return? Release Date & More

The British Science Fiction Anthology TV series Black Mirror created a name for itself with innovative and yet bizarre storytelling. The series is created by Charlie Brooker, who has presented many shows criticizing the modern society and the media. He is accompanied by Annabel Jones as the series showrunner.

Black Mirror delves into a wide range of themes with ingenuity and depth. Some of the more common themes of the show are a modern society, empathy, technology. The show explores the central theme of how new technologies have an unpredictable impact on our surroundings.

Each story of Black Mirror is a standalone episode that criticizes aspects of the modern world. The show has been inspired by earlier anthology series like The Twilight Zone, which was able to be critical of contemporary conditions and was bold and fearless in their commentary. The series premiered on Channel 4 in 2011 and ran for two seasons. Netflix bought the rights of the show in 2015 and renewed it for 12 episodes divided into third and fourth seasons.

Black Mirror Season 6 is NOT RETURNING because of Coronavirus, But When will it Return? Release Date & More

The show has won eight Emmy Awards along with three consecutive wins in the Outstanding Television Movie category. A standalone movie was also released in 2018, and subsequently, a three-part season 5 was released in 2019. Three episodes cannot be enough, and fans can’t wait for more of this brilliantly executed show. Booker told Digital Spy, “I don’t think there’s anything to stop us.”

We will likely have to wait for Black Mirror Season 6 because of the pandemic outbreak. We might have to wait until the latter half of 2020. The cast of the show is also under wraps. Buy renowned stars like Anthony Mackey, Andre Scott, and Miley Cyrus have starred in the episodes. So, anything is possible.

And if reports are to be believed, Charlie Brooker, the creator of the series himself said that it is highly unlikely that we will see Black Mirror Season 6 anytime soon. This is because “We are already living in one.” So Fans could only wait until this pandemic over so that the production could begin on the next season. And until then stay safe.

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