High School of the Dead Season 2: Release Date, Synopsis & Others!

High School of the Dead Season 2, also known as ‘Apocalyptic Academy: High School of the Dead,’ is a Japanese Horror anime based on the manga of the same name. It is created b Daisuke Sato, and Shoji Sato does the illustrations. Seven Tankobon volumes were published by Fuji Shobo and Kadokawa Shoten from March 2007 to April 2011 in Japan. A 12 episode anime is adapted by Madhouse covering the first 4 volumes aired in Japan from July 5 to September 20, 2010.

High School of the Dead Season 2 Plot

Madhouse studio produced this anime is a horror drama full of action and adventure and about an apocalyptic world.  after the release of the first season, an original video animation special episode for ‘High School of the Dead’ was released for the fans. But the plot is not released yet nor any word for season 2 for a decade.

As far as the storyline is concerned it is based on The plot of this Japanese Horror Anime mainly revolves around an apocalyptic catastrophe that raises the dead. The Zombie outbreak happens after a mysterious disease starts spreading in Japan and all over the world. Because of the disease, humans started becoming zombies. Humans are being annihilated at an alarming rate. The anime shows a group of youngsters who try to protect each other and survive the apocalypse.

High School of the Dead Season 2 : Release Date, Synopsis and Discussions about the Show!

The Cast

The main characters are Takashi Komuro, is the 17-year-old protagonist of the series and goes to Fujimi High school. Rei Miyamoto,  Rei is described to be the girl with orange-brown hair and reddish-brown eyes and many more characters of the group of the heroes. Whenever season 2 comes most of these will return.

High School of the Dead Season 2 : Release Date, Synopsis and Discussions about the Show!

High School of the Dead Season 2 Release Date

When the show first aired, it became very popular among the fans of manga and anime. But sadly, unlike many other shows, ‘High School of the Dead’ is facing a lot of problems. Hence, it is complicated for the series. When the show first came out, it was loved by everyone, and it was a big hit. Everyone loves the anime series, and since then, a release date has been expected for next season. But until the Officials say anything about the new season we cant anticipate anything whatsoever. So until we comeback with some great news you can watch the other Seasons.

But, The creator of the manga passed away in 2017, and, as a result, the manga was left unfinished. But, all hope is not lost as there could still be a new writer. Even though it is an improbable scenario if a new writer is appointed, High School of the Dead Season 2 of the anime would be released at the end of 2021.

The Trailer

Well, we are devoid of any kind of Official Trailer for the Upcoming season. But we promise to you that once the officials release anything then you will get to know it first. Until then you can watch this!

Until we come with more Updates about this series, you can check Globin Slayer Season 2 & more.

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