Homecoming Season 3: Release Date, Will there be a third Season?

Homecoming Season 3: Renewal Status

Homecoming Season 3 of Homecoming has not been officially announced yet. But the creators of the show Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg have prudently indicated that the show might return. The creators have a lot of ideas about a possible new storyline.

Homecoming Season 3: Release Date

Since there was an 18-month gap between the two seasons, we will likely have to wait for the third season. If the third installment of the show gets a green signal, we can expect the new season to come out by late 2021.

Homecoming Season 3: Release Date, Will there be a third Season?

What to Expect in Season 3?

Season 2 ended with Walter finally getting his revenge on Geist by teaming with Leonard. The action of season 3 could continue straight from the finale of the previous season.

Season 3 could show the aftermath of Walter and Leonard’s actions or explore Alex and Temple’s relationship. The show could also bring an entirely new narrative for the season. The creators of the show have promised the fans new interesting avenues so we will just have to wait for official announcements.

Homecoming Season 3: Release Date, Will there be a third Season?

The Cast: Who will return?

Julia Roberts led the first season and was replaced by Janelle Monae for the second one, There were a lot of new arrivals in the second season. So it can be expected that the third season will have a few new cast members even though we don’t know who they might be.

Walter Cruz’s narrative came to an end in season 2, which would mean there would be no Stephen James. The cast member that might be relevant in season 3 as well are:

  • Hong Chau as Audrey Temple
  •  Janelle Monae as Alex
  • Chris Cooper as Leonard
  • Joan Cusack as Francine
  • Alex Karpovsky as Craig

The Trailer

The trailer of the show is not out as there has been no information about the production of Homecoming Season 3. The previous seasons are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

You can watch the trailer of season 2 below.

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