Horimiya Episode 2: Release Date, Story, and More Updates!

Horimiya was initially a manga series illustrated by Daisuke Hagiwara and written by Hero. Like many other animes, Horimiya was adapted from a manga series. It premiered on 10 January, 2021. Read this article to get all the details about Horimiya Episode 2.

About Horimaya

Horimiya is a very popular manga spanning 15 volumes and it is still going on. Clover Works is the production house that has made the series and Masashi Ishihama is the director. The manga series premiered way back in 2007.

Horimiya Episode 2: Release Date, Story and More Updates!

Horimiya Episode 2 Release Date

Horimiya episode 2 will release on January 17, 2021. It is titled as You Wear More Than One Face’. The series is available on Funimation where you can watch with original audio and English subtitles. In Japan, Netflix has taken the streaming rights of the anime.

Horimiya Episode 2 Story

The anime has just premiered and we don’t know where the story will move forward but we can guess about the upcoming plotline.

Horimiya Episode 2: Release Date, Story and More Updates!

Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura study in the same school and kind of like each other but for some reason they don’t come out with their true feelings for each other. On the one hand, Kyoko is a beautiful and well-liked girl who loves to take care of Souta, her younger brother. She is a homely girl who doesn’t like to go out much. On the other hand, Izumi is not very confident about himself as he hides many piercings and tattoos that he has by maintaining long bangs and wearing specs.

One fine day, Souta is injured and Izumi helps him by dropping him home. His elder sister is worried about him and as a result, doesn’t even realize that the person who helped her brother is none other than her schoolmate. The two start spending time together and subsequently realize that they will keep each others’ secrets and won’t tell anyone.


Horimaya Episode 2 Trailer

Watch the trailer of Horimaya episode 2.


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