Destiny 2 Thorn: How To Earn Destiny 2 Thorn Detailed Guide!!

Destiny 2 Thorn

The powerful Hand Cannon, Thorn, is finally here again in Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter. Yes, we have seen it in the original game, not only once but twice.

If you are able to get Thorn, which obviously is a long process, you could prove destructive to your opponent. It’s no doubt one of the best weapons for matches like Crucible, where you have to be competent.

We hope you are not oblivion of the quest that you would have to finish in order to get the incompetent Hand Cannon. So, the ones who are ready with the Annual passes, let’s start with the process to find out the cannon and then winning the quest. Yes, those who do not have the aforesaid pass would have to get one.

The Quest!!

  1. Hunk of Metal: Destiny 2 ThornHow To Earn Destiny 2 Thorn: Here’s The Detailed Guide!!

Thorn is waiting for you, and reaching out to it; you have to reach out to Trostland that is in EDZ. After that, take the north path, and you have to stop at Salt Mines.

There in the caves, you have to move forward until you get to an elevator that would be for your surprise will be broken. And to reach upside and from there outside, now you have to talk to the elevator to teleport you there.

You have to follow the grass path until you are at the top of the elevator, where a blue sheet has covered it. You will see that there between rocks and road, a small pathway is paved. Start your journey in that way, and you will be out of the cave.

Next, what you will see is the devastated camp where piles of bodies are laid down, and you have to walk through this before interacting to sift to find out the ‘The Remnants of Thorn-Hunk of Metal.’

In the Tower, you need to return the founded item to Banshee-44, and he is the one who will send you the new quest that you need to accomplish.

  1. Hadronic Essence: Rebuilding Started: Destiny 2 ThornHow To Earn Destiny 2 Thorn: Here’s The Detailed Guide!!


Now you have to collect Hadronic Essence, which can be done in various ways. We are collecting these Essences to rebuild the Thorn. The ways we were talking about are finishing Nightfalls, or on Io, you would have to complete bounties, or you need to slay down the Warlocks in Crucible.

Nightfalls, which seem the fastest way to complete this task if you have a good team, can give you 15 Hadronic Essence. While completion of bounties provides five and, the Warlock killing gives only three of Hadronic Essence.

  1. Plasteel Plating: Rebuilding Goes On: Destiny 2 Thorn

Not you should have Plasteel Plating to restructure the shell of Thorn, and you could get this after completing one of the three tasks. Bring down a Titan in the Crucible, or completion of bounties on Titan for Sloane could work too, or completing waves of Blind Well would work too.

The highest number of Plasteel Plating could be grabbed from the Blind Well that is 10, next four rounds and two bounties will also do your work, the Titan killing gives you three of Plasteel Plating.

  1. Sapphire Wire: Binding: Destiny 2 Thorn

Sapphire Wires are required for the binding of Thorn, and here also you have three of the choices to be done with the task.

On Mars conclude the waves of Escalation Protocol: Five Sapphire Wire (Quickest)

Killing Hunters in Crucible: Three Sapphire Wires

TO be done with bounties on Mars for Ana Bray: Fifty Sapphire Wires with seven rounds of Escalation Protocol

  1. Killing Guardians: Bringing The Glory Back: Destiny 2 Thorn

This is the time to find back the glory of Thorn, which could be achieved by killing Guardians in Crucible. Fill up your kitty with Hand Cannons or Void Weapons, as that would be the most important in the task. For effective outcomes, you can bring Precision Kill in the role while Kills in Iron Banner or competitive Playlist could help you in progress.

Well, the step could be quite long, and we must say that the PvP skills would be tested on a serious note here. The Kill percentages have different variables and vary on how Competitive you are or on the streaks you are throwing.

  1. Putting Pieces Together: Destiny 2 Thorn

How To Earn Destiny 2 Thorn: Here’s The Detailed Guide!!

It’s time to put the piece together of Thorn now that it is rebuilt successfully. Have words with Tyra Karn after reaching Farm. I hope you know that there is own node of Farm in EDZ, which could be traced through Director in Destiny’s Menu.

  1. Savathun’s Song Strike: The Finale[ Destiny 2 Thorn]

Next, find out Savathun’s Song Strike that you will find on Titan. It’s the last step to rebuild your Thorn. But don’t forget the enemies will be there to trouble you and they will be more powerful.

To have a win, you can choose Fireteam of three, including Well of Radiance, Tether, and Banner Shield. Scout or Pulse Rifles would be the helpful long-range weapons for Strike.

Well, now, if you are successful in completing the Strike, then congrats you have gained the incompatible Thorn.

With this, you have completed our guide on how to earn destiny 2 thorn, Hope you have enjoyed reading our guide.

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