How to Rearrange Pages in Microsoft Word? Read Fastest Method in 2021

There are many times while you are creating a document in Microsoft Word, there is a need to rearrange the pages. Usually when the document is quite lengthy, to begin with. However, when it comes to perfecting a layout or formatting the document, it may be sort of a power struggle. Especially when one must reorder or move around pages to their liking or relevance. Today have compiled the easiest methods to rearrange pages in Microsoft Word.

Word does not necessarily have a feature that allows its users to freely move around pages but there still are ways through which you can perform this action. The methods are convenient and can certainly be used across all versions Word. There are about three ways through which you can move these existing pages. To know about the procedure, continue reading the article provided below with instructions.

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Rearrange Pages in Microsoft Word- Method 1:

Reorder Pages Using the Navigation Pane (Applicable in Word 2010 or above)

This could be one of the easiest and the most convenient tools to use when it comes to reordering pages. The navigation panel does not necessarily move the pages, but instead, it allows you to move the entire section. This is only possible if you have headings that split the document. This too can be used in versions of Word 2010 or newer versions of the word processor. Follow the steps mentioned below to use this method:

  1. Once you have your Word Document open, look for the View tab on the ribbon bar and hover towards the Navigation Pane. The Show section has the navigation pane option. You will just have to check the checkbox to enable it.
  2. Once you tap on the Browse the headings in your document tab, the word document will break down. Different sections of the headings you have used will be visible.
  3. The heading you want to move, just click on it to move it to a different or new location. Drag it and place it where your convenience suggests. The Word Document will reformat the entire thing that is under the heading to a new page.

How to Rearrange Pages in Microsoft Word? Read Fastest Method in 2021

Rearrange Pages in Microsoft Word-Method 2:

Reorder Pages by Using Cutting and Pasting (Keyboard)

This method applies to any version of the Word Document and can be simply used. Just cut the content you want to shift and paste it to the desired location. Here are the steps that you need to follow to commit the action:

  1. To highlight the text or the target content you wish to move, right-click on your mouse and drag the cursor over it.
  2. Then by pressing Ctrl + X, you will be able to cut the entire highlight. However, this will enable the text to disappear from the page you cut it from.
  3. Now tap on the page or location you want the content to be pasted in.
  4. Ctrl + V which will paste your highlighted content that you cut earlier. This will shift the content to your desired location and Word will automatically update it.

How to Rearrange Pages in Microsoft Word? Read Fastest Method in 2021

Rearrange Pages in Microsoft Word- Method 3:

Method 3: Reorder Pages by Using Cutting and Pasting (Mouse)

Just like the previous method, this one is also applicable to all versions of Word Document. The result is the same, only simpler, and different.

  1. Highlight the target content by dragging the cursor over it. Do this by clicking on the left mouse button and then release it when you are done.
  2. Right-click on the mouse to get the cut option or on the Home tab which would be under Clipboard.
  3. Once you are done, go to the page or place you want to shift your content at and right-click on your mouse. Then select the paste option from the shortcuts provided, or click on the Paste option on the Home tab.

How to Rearrange Pages in Microsoft Word? Read Fastest Method in 2021

Rearrange Pages in Microsoft Word- Method 4

Copy Pasting the Content

You can always copy-paste the content if the use of Navigation Pane or Cutting and Pasting seems too much work or makes you nervous. The steps are the same as Method 3, so it is convenient for the user. Once you paste the content, you can always go back to the original one and delete it. It may take a little longer than cutting and pasting but it is still safer.

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The Undo Move

In case you make a mistake during the copy-pasting or the cutting pasting method, you can always undo it and resume your work. Click on the undo button which is available on the Quick Access Toolbar. To check the history of changes you can click on the button beside it to view them. However, along with this, you can also press on Ctrl + Z to undo changes or Ctrl + Y to redo.

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