How To Use Tik Tok In India After It Is Banned???

Bank of 59 Chinese Apps in India has blown the users totally, especially the Tik Tokers. What Chinese and Indians missing on economically is a thing but not something that we will discuss here. Well, if you are here, then you desperately wish to get Tik Tok back in your phone (though you may have it, unfortunately, it’s not operative).

Is There A Way To Use Tik Tok in India after Ban?

So, what everyone asking after the tremendous patriotic ban is that is there any way to use Tik Tok even when the ban is imposed in India. You must be thinking that the intelligent hackers until now must have found a way to break that firewall that is stopping you from using your all favorite app, or a loophole must be cracked out pave the way for you.How To Use Tik Tok In India After It Is Banned???

Well, unfortunately, no, there is no known way through which you could have access to your Tik Tok account with that immense following. Some argue that VPN could be a great way to use it as it is banned in India and not the other countries, but we can’t expect it to work at least as of now.

Another thing is that even if VPN would be a way to pass through the imposed boundation that what you will see are the videos from the entertainers of the country whose VPN you are using.

How To Use Tik Tok In India After It Is Banned???

Also, if even of there would be a way, then would you really use it as it’s a social media platform. You make video and post them, violating a ban is not a legal thing in India, hope you are not oblivion. And if you are just making videos on Tik Tok through the hacked way, then we do have other platforms that can serve you in better terms if you are wondering how to use tik tok in India after it is banned.

Either way, if you are a content developer on tik-tok you won’t be able to earn any more from the platform, Experts suggests looking for other platforms like youtube which will roll out til-tok like features very soon

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