Bringing Flowers to Every Doorstep across the Globe

For the 16 years of its existence, Flora Queen and the people involved continue to spread the beauty of flowers. The aim is to make people’s lives and their working place into something better and something beautiful. Through a global network that has an extensive outreach, the task has every single ounce of dedication for its fulfillment.

Flora Queen looks to serve every existing and potential flower-loving soul with a delicate treat. Moreover, understanding that flowers are more than just a gift is important. They are a reservoir of love and emotions.


A network across the world and eager hands ready to commit, Flora Queen is the answer to every flower need. The team takes pride in the customized and prompt delivery at every doorstep, irrespective of the location.

The services aim to deliver freshness and beauty of flowers to your doorstep with two working modes: Same day delivery, worldwide delivery. With bookings around the clock and availability as long as 24-hours before the delivery, the service consistency is of paramount importance. Moreover, the use of conventional boxes for freshness and serenity of flowers to be intact is to every customer’s delight. 


While flowers remain an integral part of every life, the idea of networking is also less explored for outreach. However, Flora Queen adapts new and effective ways to make sure that no stone is left unturned. Through local vendors and a global business model, every potential request gets an easy solution.

Not only a quick delivery but also the beauty and freshness of the demand is paramount. Flora Queen looks to open up to every potential hand that feels deserving of joining the chain. The idea through the length of time is to make the consumers happy with prompt and efficient deliveries. 


The idea while serving is simple, and there is a special flower for every mood and every need. In order to make the ideas come true, variety takes centre stage at the helm of the proceedings. Hundreds of flower species and thousands of ways to arrange and orient those, Flora Queen breaks the monotony barrier.

 From commercial spaces to households, every single inch of free space finds the right flower to light up its beauty. Even if it is a simple birthday wish to an entire auspicious ceremony, the variety of services cater to every probable need. 


The service that reaches to every doorstep aims to follow a certain set of guidelines. These guidelines decide the essential values that make every consumer of Flora Queen happy and satisfied. 

  • Professionalism in delivery and work approach to meet the client needs
  • Positivity of spreading peace and beauty across the globe through flowers that bring joy to life
  • Innovation and understanding of the extraordinary to make every possible delivery and occasion into a happy one
  • Growth and prosperity with every passing minute to make sure we touch new lives every day
  • Customer dedication and value to pay the due course of privilege for every person involved

Through the right support from the team and the constant patronage of customers involved, Flora Queen wishes to bring a change. The change that would reflect a new and interesting way to get every beautiful flower to every doorstep with a touch of perfection. 

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