Lumina Quest: How To Complete the Lumina Quest And Get the Lumina Hand Cannon??

Are you Looking for “Lumina Quest” full guide?? If yes?? then you are in the right place. Let’s start with Lumina Hand Cannon, the first in four seasons that reversely heals your allies while generating Remnants when you slay your enemies, was released on 2nd July.  Yes, you must have heard it, and in actuality, it is the opposite of previously released Cannon Thorn. The well-demanded Cannon is Rose based. Well, there is a twist that you have to de-corrupt the renowned Weapon of Sorrow if you want to obtain this healing feature of the newcomer cannon and want to help your allies in this gory Destiny world.

Lumina Quest: How To Get The Lumina Hand Cannon??

Well, getting the Lumina Hand Cannon could sound quite difficult, but yes, this worth it. So, you would have to complete the following steps to add the said Cannon to your kitty:

Lumina Quest: How To Complete the Lumina Quest And Get the Lumina Hand Cannon??

  • You will have a point out to a location in the solar system where you will open the chest.
  • Now you have to accomplish Rose Hand Cannon, and in order to do that, you need to come up with 250 Orbs of Light- the step could be finished in the team.
  • Next are the few steps that you have to do with. First among them is completing Blind Well, Black Armory, or Escalation Protection rounds. Upcoming would be to scoring 50,000 or more in Nightfall. The last is that without reloading your weaponry, you need to bring down a total of 100 enemies.
  • The next is something that you could accomplish as a team, and it is to be done with the activities with Rose equipped.
  • After the above one, you have three next tasks in this step: With the help of Hand Cannon Final Bowls, you have to trounce Guardians, Generation of Orbs of Light, and at last, before the invaders take the life of any of your teammate, slay them in Gambit.
  • With Rose equipped, what you have to do next is to done with the Will of Thousands of strikes. Meanwhile, you don’t have to forget the destruction of 11 Crystals in your way.

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Now, if these Lumina Quest steps are done, then you will surely have the newly released healing Lumina Hand Cannon, in your hand.

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