BEST Mehndi Design List | Simple Mahandi design Guide 2020!!

BEST Mehndi Design:

In Indian festivals of love and joy especially for the Indian girls, Mahandi Design For a festival 2020 and generally falls in the monsoon during the month of July or August each year, here is Mehndi design for you.

in which they celebrate it by doing various activities like swinging on the playground with friends and family, dancing, playing, dressing up.

we celebrated because the goddess Parvati because, as per legends, she suffered to go by 108 cycles of birth and rebirth till lord shiva married her. For a reason/.

Indian ladies pray to her for the protection of their family and husbands and thank her for everything.

Teej festival is full of celebrations and sweets like gheevar, gunjiya, sabudana kheer and many more.

And also married ladies go to their maternal home to play with their family to follow the rituals and also the mother of girls gives their marriage lady some gifts and food items called sindara.

And the best part of this festival of girls is when they get ready properly as an Indian girl/lady also apply mehndi design on their hands.

Mahandi design is an Indian art which makes the Indian beauty look like stars. At the same time, Mehandi makes this festival more exciting for girls and ladies .it is been a part of almost every Indian festival.

Even these there are so many types of Mehndi design like heavy of light designs whether both of them make the hands look attractive at the same time.

Even in the market the mehndi design tattoos and stickers with glitters and colors are also available for those girls/ladies who don’t have time to spend hours for Mehndi design as it took almost hours to draw and to get dry later.

But at the same time the real heena shows the beauty at best because of its natural color and beauty, and also more safe for the skin without any infection problem.

Some special teej mehndi designs for references are listed below.


1.Classy mandala mahandi design.

BEST Mehndi Design List | Simple Mahandi design Guide 2020!!

It’s a known mandarin art in which a circle is drawn with various designs. Its specialty is its wide circle, which shows creativity, love, and beauty. You can try this for any festival or occasion,Or it can become yours special teej mehndi design.

2. Bail mahandi design.

BEST Mehndi Design List | Simple Mahandi design Guide 2020!!

In bail mahandi design a single string of flowers and petals or leaves are drawn to give it a simple yet beautiful look to get the attention. You can draw this special teej mahandi design for this festival,

it is one of the easiest methods of this mehndi art where women can easily draw herself.

3. Full hands mahandi design.

BEST Mehndi Design List | Simple Mahandi design Guide 2020!!

In full hand mahndi design, the whole area of hands is covered with mahandi design. It is drawn as very heavy work especially the brides do it at the time of marriage on their hands and legs.

4. Checks Mehndi Design.

BEST Mehndi Design List | Simple Mahandi design Guide 2020!!


Check patterns are used as fillers between core patterns, Core patterns can be anything described in this article. Go for checked pattern Mehndi design if you are aiming for a full look and try special tej Mahandi design.

5. Full Hands Mehndi Design

Mostly seen in brides, full mehndi design is generally heavy work. These designs sometimes extend till the elbow, and sometimes above the elbow. The designs are elaborate, complicated and to die for!

6. Arabic Mehndi Design

Very famous in Arab countries, these mahandi design is very simple to make at home because of its simplicity in designs. This is a special Teej mahandi design for simple and attractive looks. In addition, the hands are also decorated with glitter, colors, etc.

7. Groom Mehndi Design

Many new married women get groom pictures designed on their palms to show the dedication and love they have towards the marriage & their partner. Below are some examples of ‘Groom Mehndi Design’

8. Heart Mehndi Design

As a gesture of love and affection, this is one of the best special tej Mahandi design, many women get big hearts drawn for their husbands on their hands. IN celebration of love between couples who have dedicated their lives and love to each other.

9. Sheer elegance

Concentric circles brought to life with dotted highlights look so soothing to eyes. Further, the identical belted patterns on fingers is delicately done. However, the bracelet part is yet another highlight of this charming of this mehndi design.


Mahandi ceremony is an essential and unmissable part of every bride’s look. Owing to the religious significance it holds, it is that imperative tradition that can’t be missed out on.

However, if you are not pleased by this fragrant adornment and decked-up mahandi designs are so not your thing, this minimal design is what you need. This minimal design is an epitome of elegance and sophistication.

Show your special one some love with the beautiful heart design mehndi.



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