Hundred Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More Details On It!

Hundred Season 2 is going to be back with a set of new thrills. This show is an animated Television series from Japan that has been produced by Production IMS. The anime series is mainly based on the flash novel series of the same name, which has been written by Jun Misaki. This show ended its first season back in the year 2016. So the fans are excited to hear more about the comeback of the show. All the information regarding the upcoming season have been compiled, so here’s what you need to know more about the upcoming season.

Official Announcement Of Hundred Season 2

Hundred Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More Details On It!

Over four years have passed until the audiences last saw some series of this show and now they’re anxiously awaiting the next one real soon. The viewers enjoyed the show’s premiere episode as it incorporated a good storyline for them to watch. It concluded with suspense, and in no time, the spectators assumed that it would be back.

The Official Announcement

Hundred Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More Details On It!

We have struggled hard to get all of the viewers the actual news. Initially, and according to some websites, the release date announced chosen had been October 2017. Whereas, some said that would most likely to be conducted in June 2017. In the end, though, all of those rumors were just rumors. In them, there was no reality. The truth is because there is no final release confirmed for the release of the next season at present.

Still, it does not suggest that we do have no news for you. For the audiences, we also have some exhilarating news purely centered on current news and its plot. The response to the question that will they actually release the second season of the show, depends upon its success and strong ratings. This show has a strong people’s interest, which eventually ends up responding yes, the second season of hundreds will take place.

Release Date Of Hundred Season 2

The second season of the anime series was supposed to be announced late in 2017 or early in 2018, but it is now reported to be released no sooner than the spring of 2018, according to the news The final and latest update of the second season, however, has yet to be publicly confirmed.

It really was a massive success and gained immense scores for the first installment of the anime series and now the next season is on its way. It is an anime based on a short tale that makes it even more fun and friendly for the audience. The film crew has not yet revealed the date of the official release.

The Plot

Savage is a series of mysterious life forms that’s become a serious risk to Earth. The weapon called the Hundred is the only special weapon that would defeat them. People who can use the arm are successively equipped to transform them into Slayers with proper combat skills. Hayato Kisaragi gets himself into the Little Garden Marine Institution City Ship to become one. His life eventually changes as he encounters Emile Crossford. Also, he meets the school’s most powerful Slayer, Claire Harvey.


Hundred Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More Details On It!

The protagonist, Hayato Kisaragi, didn’t murder all of his foes from the Savage clan. And that ensures the core plot of this season will be his war only with the rest of the Savage clan leaders. He requires the world to be saved from the Barbaric clan that wishes it to be killed. And to preserve his world from this group, he must destroy all his rivals. So the most powerful weapon to defeat the Savage clan will be wielded.

The Cast of Hundred Season 2

The cast of the show includes:

  • Yoshiaki Hasegawa as Hayato Kisaragi
  • Rumi Ōkubo as Emilia Hermit
  • Kaya Okuno as Karen Kisaragi
  • Rika Kinugawa as Liddy Steinberg
  • Yui Makino as Erica Candle
  • Yuna Yoshino as Miharu Kashiwagi
  • Mayu Yoshioka as Sakura Kirishima
  • Yuka Ōtsubo as Reitia Saintemilion
  • Nichika Ōmori as Liza Harvey
  • Miyu Matsuki as Charlotte Dimandias
  • Wataru Hatano as Fritz Granz
  • Mao Ichimichi as Claire Harvey
  • Ayaka Imamura as Meimei

The Trailer

Hundred is available on Crunchyroll and Funimation so those who want to watch it can check it out.

But until Season 2 releases, you can check out more news about Classroom Of The Elite Season 2.

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