‘Irina Shayk’s PUBLICLY SHAMMED!!! Bradley Cooper for DATING!! Lady Gaga

Irina Shayk, a 33-year-old Russian model who is known as the ‘Industry Icon’ by the models.com, ex-fiance to the 45-year-old American actor Bradley Cooper (yes, the one who starred in ‘A Star is Born.’)

Irina and Bradley were together since 2015, and they were so in love that the two moved in together in New york’s west village, they have a daughter together named Lea de seine Shayk cooper who is the sole reason for both of them to stick together when they were at the verge of tearing apart.

After Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga gave a heated performance at the Oscars on the song shallow, the marriage of the couple gets on hold due to the rumors that follow and Irina in a white dress post a picture on Instagram of herself with her friend Inga Rubenstein on a beach captioned ‘Newlywed.’

'Irina Shayk's PUBLICLY SHAMMED!!! Bradley Cooper for DATING!! Lady Gaga
Source: thearkatech.com

Lady Gaga, on an interview, said that the performance had to look like they both had chemistry; otherwise, all of it would’ve gone to waste.

David spade a stand up comedian comments on the oscar’s performance ‘Is there any chance these two aren’t fucking’ to which Jennifer, Bradley’s ex-wife comments a simple ‘Ha’ because Irina was not enough.

All of them are severely mistaken with the performance at the Oscars because there is nothing going on between the two as Oprah Winfrey when interviewed lady gaga, she also inquired cooper about the rumors. According to the sources, the couple is working out a way to get custody of Lea. We hope they both can work it out and think of a better way to start it all over. The couple might work out, or maybe this renders this relationship completely paralyzed.

Let’s hope for the best.

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