Titus Welliver Continues In Bosch Season 6 Premiering On Amazon Prime. Get All The Details Here Before Watching The Show

It is a contemporary retro noir show of police that comes under the crime-detective genre. It is amongst the most demanding series on Amazon Prime Video after making its debut in the year 2014. The series is developed by Eric Overmyer and created by Michael Connelly. It was produced by Amazon Studios along with Fabrik  Entertainment. The show has already released its five seasons, and now, we are expecting the arrival of two more seasons soon.

Bosch Season 6 Plot & Expectations

The storyline of this upcoming season is not confirmed yet; there is no confirmation about it. Thus, we are expecting that this will involve some amount of investigation. The story will continue to follow the novel named ‘The Overlook and Dark Sacred Night’ written by Michael Connelly. Also, after seeing the trailer, we can see that detective Bosch arrives at Dr. Stanely Pence’s murder scene, and he also talked to Grace. He tells her about his whole city is now taking as a hostage. So, due to which, the CA water supply is also becoming poisonous. Many of the FBI officers are also giving him a warning against it.

Bosch Season 6 Cast Details

Following casts are going to return for the next season, i.e., season 6

  • Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch
  • Jamie Hector as Jerry Edgar
  • Amy Aquino as Lt. Tastefulness Billets
  • Lance Reddick as Irvin Irving
  • Madison Lintz as Maddie Bosch
  • Troy Evans as Detective Johnson

Bosch Season 6 Releasing Date

After completing the airing of five seasons and also receiving a huge response from the audience, renews the series for next season. This show was first premiered in the year 2014, which contains a total of 10 episodes. After the arriving of the first season and receiving a lot of responses from the viewers, it started renewing itself every year. The second season was released on 11 March 2016; the third season was out on 21 April 2017; the fourth season arrived on 13 April 2018, and the fifth season premiered on 19 April 2019. Now, the show is going to come with two more seasons, i.e., season 6 and 7, respectively. Season 7 will be the final season of the series, as confirmed by the executive producer of the show. And season 6 release date was 17 April 2020 along with ten episodes.

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