Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 is Finally Happening: Release Date, Plot, Backstory & More

Many light novels have been adapted into manga and anime series that turn out to be as huge an entity as any other high-budget movie these days. Following the trend, another light novel series that was adapted into anime was the Classroom Of The Elite series. With fans going crazy over the first season of the anime series itself, they just don’t seem to get enough of it & therefore they are demanding Classroom Of The Elite Season 2.

Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 Release Date

Yes, Season 2 is likely to release sometime in late 2020 or early 2021. However, Classroom Of The Elite’s upcoming season’s Release date Hasn’t been officially confirmed by the makers.

Just subtle hints have been gathered till now regarding the same, but audiences will have to wait for the news a bit longer.

Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 Official Confirmation

Anyhow, the release date still remains secondary to the issue of having a minimal confirmation of the production of the second season first. Fans are hopeful, so are we but hold your horses, for now, is what the makers seem to say.

Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 is Finally Happening & Here the Expected Release Date, Plot, Backstory & More

Classroom Of The Elite Cast

  • Kiyotaka Ayanokoji voiced by Shōya Chiba
  • Suzune Horikita voiced by Akari Kitō
  • Kikyou Kushida voiced by  Yurika Kubo
  • Airi Sakura voiced by M.A.O
  • Kei Karuizawa voiced by Ayana Taketatsu
  • Kakeru Ryuuen voiced by Masaaki Mizunaka
  • Mio Ibuki voiced by Mikako Komatsu
  • Alice Sakayanag voiced by Rina Hidaka

Classroom Of The Elite Storyline Synopsis

The basic premise of the script revolved around the life of Kiyotaka Ayanokoji in season 1. It was about the life of this boy who lives in Tokyo and studies in Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High school. Kiyotaka Ayanokoji, unlike other school kids, wasn’t good at making friends and struggled in this regard.

It was when he met Suzune Horikita and Kikyo Kushida, who changes his life for the better, and then the story proceeds. However, the storyline of Classroom Of The Elite upcoming season has not been revealed, yet it will be a safe assumption to make that the story shall revolve around this changed life of Kiyotaka Ayanokoji. We will learn how he was raised in an experimental facility and what is the reason behind his personality.

Ayanokōji’s past will be revealed in the next season of Classroom Of The Elite. Kiyotaka Ayanokoji is our Protagonist in Classroom Of The Elite Season 1

Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 Trailer

Classroom Of The Elite is available on Crunchyroll. So those who want to watch it can check it out there.

But until we have a Definitive Release Date for Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 you can check out more news about Kung Fu Hustle 2 & More

Top 3 Animes Similar to Classroom Of The Elite

So, as we wrap things up there is still one thing which we know still troubles are readers. And i.e. What should they watch until Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 releases? As we talked about there is still time for the next season of Classroom Of The Elite to Air and until then many of you are looking for shows similar in the Genre. Well, you won’t have to go any further as we have curated a list of Top 3 shows that you would love to binge. So Here we go:-

1. Arifureta Season 2

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2. Solo Leveling Anime 

3. Fire Force Season 3


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