Is Tom Hardy’s Venom 2 getting Delayed because of Cornonavirus: [New] Release Date, Cast & More

Venom’s popularity with the fans left next to no doubt about the release of a sequel to the film. While we know that Sony has been working on a sequel, the release date has been a mystery. The anticipation is finally over… It turns out; we’ll be able to relish our favorite Symbiote on-screen sooner than we realize!

But, you might ask, What about the cast? Are we looking at a new supervillain? Is there a trailer yet?

Just scroll down further to find out more!

When will I finally be able to watch Venom 2?

It seems that audiences worldwide will reunite with their favorite Symbiote on October 2, 2020. There is no confirmation on it yet. Sony had reserved the slot in November 2018 for an “untitled Marvel Sequel.”

Given that Venom was released in October, it seems pretty likely that this film will be released then too. In fact, principal photography for the film began on November 15, 2019. Tom Hardy revealed that the filming for the sequel was completed on February 9, 2020.

Venom 2 Cast? 

In the sequel, Tom Hardy will be reprising the title role and will return as Eddie Brock. Michelle Williams and Reid Scott will also be reprising their roles from the original. They will appear as Anne Weying and Dan Lewis.

Stephen Graham will also be appearing in the film in a yet undisclosed role.Venom 2: Tom Hardy finally Explains what is Tom Holland's Role, Woody Harrelson Villain, Release Date & more news

Are we looking at a new Supervillain?

The answer is, YES!

We expected to see Carnage as the antagonist during the development of Venom. This was, however, scrapped during the pre-production so that the film could focus on Eddie and Venom as the protagonists.

It seems, this time, our dreams are going to come true! Woody Harrelson will be reprising his role as Cletus Kasady; the alter ego of the supervillain: Carnage. Naomi Harris will be playing the role of supervillainess Shriek, Carnage’s girlfriend. Harrelson was first seen as Carnage in the post-credits scene of Venom.

Is there a trailer for Venom 2 yet? 

The trailer, unfortunately, is not available yet. As the film is still in the early stages of post-production, we don’t even have official stills or concept art. However, considering its release isn’t too far in the future, we can all remain optimistic!

Will Spider-Man be in THIS one? 

This one is unconfirmed. Seeing as Sony and Marvel are no longer at war about Spider-Man, the chances for it seem probable.

There have been rumors about Tom Holland appearing in a cameo role, albeit it is still unconfirmed. Minding Spider-Man’s and Venom’s chemistry in the comics, Hardy and Holland might end up sharing screen time.

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