Kojima Production’s New game Death Stranding PC is coming. Here is everything we know so far

The game creator promises better graphics, better texture, and stunning visuals in Death Stranding PC

Metal Gears Solid took the gaming world by storm on its release, and to date, it is one of the most loved action-adventure video game. The game also brought fame and fortune to its maker Hideo Kojima of Konami.

Hideo Kojima is coming back with another game, but this time, it would be without Japanese giant Konami. Videos released by Hideo Kojima have psyched the fans about the game, and they are eagerly waiting for the game to release.

Death Stranding PC Release Date

Publisher of the game 505 games will delight the PC gamers on 2nd June 2020 by releasing the game. The game is available for pre-ordered on Steam and Epic Games Store. PlayStation 4 version of the game released on 8th November 2019.


Death Stranding is a third-person action game that follows deliveryman Sam Porter Bridges. Sam’s job is to travel across the country, delivering stuff. It sounds boring, but here is the twist. Throughout the game, there is something called Beached things (BT). BT are special apparitions connected to a series of supernatural events.source:giantbomb.com

These events are called Death Stranding. As a result of Death Stranding, Earth had to endure mass scale deaths and destruction. In addition to that, a deliveryman has to carry with him a baby in a jar called the Bridge Baby. Bridge Baby help deliveryman to detect BT to avoid dangerous routes.

Will there be a Death Stranding 2?

Several trailers of the video game were released last year. They indicate that the game will have realistic graphics and stunning visuals. Furthermore, Kojima has revealed that the sequel of the game will be developed from scratch.

Moreover, some big Hollywood names have lent their voices to characters in the game. Some of these are Lea Seydoux, Mads Mikkelson, Guillermo del Toro, Lindsey Wagner, and Troy Baker, among others.

The game received various award nominations, so the PC version will likely make the game more popular and may bring more nominations. It can be safely said that playing Death Stranding is a real experience.


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