Last Kingdom Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot and More Updates!

Based on a historical novel, the last kingdom is the story of a young Viking who has to contest between his birthplace and the people of his upbringing. The show revolves around the two dynasties and their voyage to capture back the ancestral lands. The first season of the show was aired on BBC but the second season of the show is said to be aired on Netflix.  Last Kingdom Season 5 is All set to Return?

The Plot of Last Kingdom Season 5

The storyline set in the 9th century of England depicts the historical tension between dynasties. Uhtred the main protagonist of the series is born as a Saxon but was raised as a Dane which separated his dynasties at the very beginning, creating internal and communal tension. The previous season shows a lot of rift between himself and his own family.

Last Kingdom Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot and More Updates!

Claiming revenge as the only venture towards the seat of succession. The series is based on Saxon Stories. which are a collection of novels by Bernard Cornwell, about 13 of these books are published amongst which 2 of these books are aired as series on Netflix.

The Cast

All the main characters in the series will continue to play the same role in Last Kingdom Season 5 however there can be new faces. With an audience score of 96 % on Rotten tomatoes, we can surely expect the best from the series.

Last Kingdom Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot and More Updates!

  • Alexander Dreymon – Uthred
  • David Dawson – King Alfred
  • Emily Cox – Brida
  • Ian Hart – Father Beocca
  • Adrian Bower – Leofric

these are some of the main characters do check out this link to have your list of the entire cast Character list – Last Kingdom 

Updates on Season 5: What to Expect?

The fourth season ended with Uthred deciding to go against his allies and challenges to take back his home, which almost gives a slight hint of what to expect for season 5. In a recent interview, Cornwell mentioned that they have great plans in the perspective of the series and how it continues, but it’s solely up to the viewers to embrace the journey.

The Trailer

Last Kingdom Season 5 Release Date

Last Kingdom Season 5 is said to be a most likely star on Netflix around April 2021. The official video is linked above do check it out to know more from the stars themselves!

The Last Kingdom is available on Netflix, do check it out.

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