Lie After Lie Season 2:Release Date, Is this Popular K-Drama making a comeback?

Lie After Lie a South Korean drama distributed by Channel A, written by Kim Ji-Eun and directed by Kim Jung-Kwon has done pretty well after its premiere. This mysterious genre drama broke records of the highest viewership becoming the most-watched show uncommon to any of the other series distributed by the same production house. Not only the series broke the records but also became the most highly rated Korean drama in the history of cable television. After this huge success, the showrunners must announce Lie after Lie Season 2!

Lie After Lie Season 2: Release Date

The next season of the show has not been announced yet but is highly anticipated by the fans to be released in the upcoming years. As per the order of k-dramas released in general, we can expect the second season to be out to watch by the year 2021. The first season got premiered on September 4, 2020, and distributed the last episode on October 4, 2020. Giving 16 successful episodes, this k-drama has the heart of the audience.

Lie After Lie Season 2:Release Date, Is this Popular K-Drama making a comeback?

The Storyline

The plot of this show had it all.  The show portrayed a suspenseful and mysterious drama tragedy which was highly unpredictable. The story revolves around a woman who unfortunately lands in the prison in case of her husband’s murder while she was pregnant. Ji Eun- Soo’s child is taken away from her after she gives her birth in the jail itself which makes her plan a new story after being released. She tries to win the heart of the man who had adopted her daughter while she was behind the bars and makes it to become the stepmother of her own daughter. Later, the story continues how things unveil in front of her new family.

The storyline of the next season can show the future lives of the husband, wife, and their daughter who got connected by destiny.

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The Cast

The characters from the show played by the actors are highly anticipated to make a comeback if the show is renewed for the next season. Below listed is the cast we expect for Lie After Lie Season 2:-

The Trailer


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