Life Below Zero Season 15: Release Date Confirmed!!! See Updates here!

Beginning in 2013, Life Below Zero has had a successful long run of 14 seasons now. Delightful news awaits the fans of the show as the creators of the show have confirmed the renewal of the show. Life Below Zero Season 15 will soon be making its way to us, followed by Season 16 and a spin-off series as well.

The National Geographic documentary series has bagged quite a few nominations and wins at the prestigious Emmy Awards. Darwin’s motto “Survival of the fittest” is perhaps portrayed best through the premise of this series. Nobody is well accustomed to living in extreme and unfamiliar conditions. However, Life Below Zero introduces us to such individuals who’ve sworn to accomplish this mission impossible.

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Life Below Zero Season 15 Official Announcement

Season 14 is heading towards the finale and the 15th season has already been affirmed. “Life Below Zero: Next Generation”, a spin-off inspired by the original series is also streaming currently with its first season. The BBC Worldwide Production will also come back for a 16th season after this.

Life Below Zero Season 15 Confirmed!!! Show renewed for 2 new seasons and a spin-off

Life Below Zero Season 15 Release Date

Despite the announcement of the new seasons, no exact date has been stated by the creators of the show for the next season. Looks like we’ll have to wait till the end of 2020 to hear more about the same.

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The Storyline

The show digs deep into the lifestyle followed by the people living in the remote areas of Alaska. They have to constantly battle it out with their surroundings, extreme temperature, and the threats posed by wild animals. Their sole motive is to survive by relying on themselves which requires them to hunt and make do with the bare minimum resources they already have.

All episodes of Life Below Zero are streaming online on National GeographicDisney Plus, and Amazon Prime.

The Trailer

If you’re still unaware of this phenomenal series, here’s a glimpse into Life Below Zero.


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