The Oath Season 3: Release Date, Will the Show renew in Pandamic?

The second season of the show came out in 2019, and now its fans can’t wait any longer to get a hold of The Oath Season 3. Regardless of how many shows or movies come out, the trend of the Crime or Thriller series will never go out of fashion. The American crime drama web series The Oath is one such example that has got its viewers biting their nails out of excitement.

The series debuted on the streaming platform called “Crackle” on 8 March 2018 with ten episodes. It has an IMDb rating of 6.5, which ranks it above average. The team includes creator Joe Halpin and actors like Ryan Kwanten (also one of the producers of the show), Katrina Law, Sean Bean, and more.

The Oath Season 3 Official Announcement 

There has been no official announcement regarding a third season of The Oath yet. However, considering the success of the previous two seasons, it’s safe to say that the series will come back for The Oath Season 3 soon. Eric Berger, the Chief Digital Officer of Sony Pictures Television Network, has also claimed that the show was well accepted by the audience and has secured a good number of viewers.

The Oath Season 3: Will there be a third season despite the pandemic?

The Storyline

The premise of this series brings to light the prevalent corruption that has become a part of many institutions and societies. Adding on to that, it exposes the confronting and harsh reality of those who are meant to protect the weak.

The existence of secret gangs and societies is brought to the surface while depicting how hard it is to join them. However, once chosen as a member, everything is put at stake to maintain its reputation.

Before The Oath Season 3 releases, you can watch previous seasons on Reel Good.

The Oath Season 3 Release Date

The second season was released on 21 February 2019, and since then there has been no news about a third season. We are counting on the success rate of the previous seasons for the renewal of the show.

As soon as any update for The Oath Season 3 pops up, we will make sure to notify you subsequently. Moreover, the ongoing pandemic has rendered this question unanswerable for the time being as well. Till then read more about Mr. Robot Season 5 here.

The Trailer

You still have some time before The Oath Season 3 premiere to catch up with the first two seasons of The Oath.

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