Liquor Shops Will Be Open In Lockdown!!! You Should Know About It

As we know that the lockdown is get extended in India from May 4 till 17th  May. The central government, on Friday, brief the new rules of this lockdown. The new rules include the liquor and tobacco shops.  These shops will resume their operations in all districts but with certain restrictions. The new rules of this lockdown will be applicable from May 4.

 While the Confederation of Indian Alcoholic Beverage Companies (ABC) said  that :

the alcoholic beverage industry in India contributes over ₹2 lakh crore in taxes, sustains the livelihood of 40 lakh farmers, and employs 20 lakh people. A prolonged shutdown of the industry is forcing lakhs of farmers and workers into joblessness and poverty,”

Liquor Shops Will Be Open In Lockdown!!! You Should Know About It

Whereas the All India Brewers Association (AIBA) has also written separately to CMs of 13 States, including Maharashtra,  Karnataka, West Bengal, Punjab, Haryana, and New Delhi and others state.

The Home Ministry said that :

The order is applicable to stand-alone shops. The liquor and tobacco shops inside malls will remain closed

Liquor Shops Will Be Open In Lockdown!!! You Should Know About It

The government has also said that :

The shopkeepers must ensure a two-meter distance between there customers and also with each other

The home ministry in his briefing said that :

The sale of liquor will be allowed within the districts that come in the green and orange zones after ensuring minimum six-feet social distancing. And there are Not more than five persons will be allowed at one time in the shops.

The ministry further mentioned that :

“The consumption of liquor, tobacco, and other things of these types in public places is not allowed.”

The government has divided the country into three different zones that are orange, green, and red, according to the number of coronavirus cases.

So last but not least, we urge everyone that please follow all the rules of the lockdown. And stay safe and healthy.

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