Lucifer Season 5: What Are New Fan Theories For The Show? Read All Theories, Plot & Release Details

Oh, hello, detective.
Who thought we would end up having a crush on Satan? The God of Hell, who is vacationing in Los Angeles, is soon coming back on the small screen.
You’ve guessed it right. Lucifer season 5 is coming sooner than expected, and we cannot keep calm. [Hail Satan]

The first season of this urban fantasy was released on January 25, 2016. The protagonist’s character is based on a DC comics character. Fox canceled the show after the third season, but are we not all aware that Lucifer always has his way, so he came back and so did the show on Netflix.

Lucifer: About The Show

The story revolves around Heaven’s fallen angel, Lucifer, who decides to leave hell and comes to Los Angeles for a vacation, as a sign of protest against his father, God. He comes to earth with the mother of demons, Lilith. After running hell for years, he decides to run a nightclub, Lux. He then meets LAPD Detective, Chloe Decker, and starts growing fond of her. Throughout the series, various biblical characters are introduced to us.

Lucifer Season 5: Plot

Well, not much is confirmed about the plot of Lucifer Season 5, as of now, but a lot of fan theories are becoming popular.
In the final episode of season 4, we saw that Lucifer returned to hell after the order in hell was disrupted. Some fan theories suggest that the iconic duo will tie a not, and either Chloe will become an immortal or Lucifer will become a mortal. All for the sake of love, right?

Another theory is that Dan will end up knowing the real identity of Lucifer, which will cause a lot of chaos. Whatever it will be, we hope that our God of Wrath will return to earth.

Lucifer Season 5: Release Date

Although we don’t have a confirmed release date of Lucifer season 5, people are expecting that it will release around June 2020. But there is a slight chance that the release will get delayed because of the ongoing pandemic situation. Initially, season 5 was supposed to be the last of the series, but now season 6 is also confirmed [excited screaming]. Season 5 will comprise of 16 episodes and will air on Netflix.

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