All About Mackenzie Bezos Net Worth: How She Became Wealthiest Women Suddenly???

Mackenzie Bezos Net Worth

$66.7 Billion



MacKenzie Bezos, now the 22nd Billionaire in Forbes list, has a fantastic amassed net worth of $59.6 Billion. The author of two books is the estranged wife of the wealthiest person on the globe, Jeff Bezos.

You must have known to the thing that MacKenzie entered into the Forbes list when she received a corpus of his husband’s wealth when they decided to separate after 25 years of their marriage in May 2019. The announcement of divorce has shaken the company that Jeff Bezos owns that is Amazon.

The owner transferred his 25% holding in Amazon’s stake to his wife, which brought her as the third richest woman in the world.

The 50-year-old founder of an anti-bullying organization named Bystander Revolution has Amazon stakes as the primary source of income of her impressive net worth.

All About Mackenzie Bezos Net Worth: How She Became The Third Richest Women Suddenly???

Though after the transfer of the stakes: Mackenzie Bezos Net Worth

Jeff remained the wealthiest person on the earth, his net worth significantly reduced from an estimated $150 billion to $117.8 on the 29th July, the day he transferred share to his ex-wife.

Before the transfer: Mackenzie Bezos Net Worth

The 78.8 million Amazon shares were on the name of Jeff from which he, under the agreement, transferred 19.7 million shares of the valuable company to MacKenzie. The lady who has only two women ahead of her in the wealthiest women list has started the rally with shared having a total worth of worth $36.8 billion, which now has grown as was expected, and Mackenzie Bezos Net Worth has increased drastically.

Just after the divorce’s announcement on social media platform Twitter, MacKenzie has also signed Giving Pledge, which already has renowned signatories named Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. The Pledge states that the one who signs it would have to get away with half of their wealth. We haven’t heard Jeff signing the Pledge, but he too has given $2 billion on the name of families without a home and promises to bring more schools having inspiration from Montessori.

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