[Major Spoiler] Stranger Things Season 4: David Harbour IS DEAD & Not Returning, Release date & Everything You Want to Know About

Stranger Things is the new favorite of every other Netflix subscriber. This series has never let us down till now.

The previous season had left us hanging on the thinnest thread on the rope. With the whole tragedy with Hopper dying had left us devastated. Season three was a season filled with killing our favorite characters. Even the cute Russian scientist was killed. So, when the news of the fourth season came out, we couldn’t keep still.

It has been officially confirmed that the fourth season has been renewed. The production of the fourth season was also started around early this year.

Stranger Things is set in Hawkins, Indiana. It plays during the 80’s era. The series causes us an acute nostalgic feeling of something we never had before. The retro vibes given out by the show, make us want to go back to that period.Credits Radio.com

Bizarre incidents happen in an insignificant town. Moreover, it involves four young and geeky boys to the core. It is really embarrassing to see the geeks being …geeky. But even if we deny it, we all can say that we can relate to them on a spiritual level.

All the seasons in the series had consisted of nine episodes each. Therefore, with that theory, Stranger Things season 4 may have a total of nine episodes in total. The release date of the recent season might most likely be around late 2020 or early 2021. Yeah, it is problematic to swallow the facts.

It is said that season 4 will have a special episode. This episode is dedicated for the fan-favorite character. The episode will also go back to the beginning of the origin of the upside world. We are crossing our fingers tightly in hopes of Hopper, making it back alive!

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