Mass Effect 5: Release Date, Bioware announces New Project.

About Mass Effect 5

Mass Effect 5 has been announced as the next project in line by Bioware. We’re already awaiting the release of the remastered Legendary edition of the game series in 2021, and this latest update has only added to our happiness. Although not much has been unveiled by the company regarding this enterprise, we’ve tried to gather as much information as we could for you at the present moment. Here’s all that we know about the new gameplay.

Mass Effect 5: Release Date, Bioware announces New Project.

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Mass Effect 5 Announcement & Release Date

Bioware announced the new project on the annual N7 day i.e. 7 November, this year. For what had seemed like the gaming series was dropped by the company, was completely disclaimed by this announcement of taking the series forward. The release date for the same hasn’t been announced yet. Bioware has openly stated that the new installment will take a long time before the project is put out for the public. It’s currently being developed and it will be a long process.

What can we expect in the New Version?

Casey Hudson released a statement about the new project on the official website that claims that the game is in its “early stages” of development as of now. Therefore, nothing regarding the direction they’re taking for it has been disclosed by them. All we can do is wait to hear more from the official sources. The last project was titled “Mass Effect Andromeda“, so it is most likely that the upcoming series might also bag a similar title instead of being known as Mass Effect 5.

Where can we Play it?

The original trilogy was released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Windows, while the third edition was also released for Wii U users. The fourth game, set in the Andromeda Galaxy, was released on Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. To buy the game you can refer to the official EA games website reserved for Mass Effect.

The Trailer

The trailer for the fifth addition to the series hasn’t been outed yet. In the meantime, you can check out the teaser trailer of the remastered trilogy Mass effect Legendary Edition coming out in Spring 2021:

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