‘Matt Lauer’ is Dating Marketing Expert Friend ‘Shamin Abas’!!!, Is It Something Special in this Love Story??

Matt Lauer is currently dating his longtime friend Shamin Abas who runs a marketing firm.

Matt, a former television news anchor, who was dumped by his wife Annette Roque, 53, and terminated their marriage last year in 2019 by agreeing to pay his ex-wife twenty million dollars as an agreement to settle the divorce.

The pair have three children together, 18-year-old Jack, 16-year-old Romy, and 12-year-old Thijs.

The couple was together for twenty long years after a huge flow of sexual allegations during the me-too movement turned up against the News Anchor, Lauer was fired from ‘Today’ in 2017 consequently his wife Roque, a Netherlands model, filed for a divorce which has been finalized in September of last year.

'Matt Lauer' is Dating Marketing Expert Friend 'Shamin Abas'!!!, Is It Something Special in this Love Story??

The besmirched news anchor has been trying to lay low since he was sacked off from his job, it was during these two years when the whole fiasco of his sexual allegations and the divorce with his wife, that his relationship with Abas has surged to the level that they feel comfortable enough to take to another level.

It is reported that after Lauer’s scandal, many of his eminent friends and connections rightfully turned their backs on him while Abas always stayed constant and supported him, which clearly shows that Shamin trusts him a lot and Matt, who was moved from the support of his friend since 2005, started trusting her and hence spending a lot of time together.

“She knows who he is,” a source said. “She’s thrilled she’s with him. She doesn’t seem to have a care in the world.”

They continued to explain that none of the scandals bothered her as she was clouded by 60-year-old’s charm. It has also been claimed that Matt is not worried about similar fall out with Abas as his ex since he can believe in her. They are currently on a trip to New Zealand to spend the new year in Matt’s property in New Zealand

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