Medical Police Season 2: Can Erinn Hayes & Rob Huebel Save the World? Release Date, Plot & What to Expect from it

New threats, New virus, New Diseases, and Old Cop Doctors in Medical Police Season 2

Netflix released the action-drama comedy web series Medical Police a few weeks back. Viewers may soon get the second season. Medical Police is a spin-off series of Adult Swim’s short-form comedy show Children’s Hospital. Children’s Hospital was popular among the viewers and critics.

What is Medical Police Season 2 about?

Medical Police follows Dr. Lola Spratt (Erinn Hayes) and Dr. Owen Maestro (Rob Huebel) both are recruited by a covert government agency known as G932 to stop the worldwide outbreak of a deadly virus which is transmitted through 3D Printer.

The show has plenty of action, drama, and comedy. It features doctors from around the world and explores a romantic angle between the two lead actors. Some people believe that it is a parody of International Spy thrillers. Several storylines have not been concluded, so chances of a second season are high.

Are we getting a Medical Police Season 2?

Towards the end of the first season, both the lead characters, after their respective battles, found a cure for the deadly virus and transmitted it through the 3D Printer. Lola and Owen admit their feelings for each other but want different things in life.

Netflix has not officially announced a season 2 of the show yet, but like its parent series, this series was also well received by the viewers and critics. All the ten episodes of the first season were available for streaming on 10 January 2020. Netflix usually confirms a renewal after three-four weeks. Fans can expect something concrete by the end of February or beginning of March.

New Mission for the Doctor duo?

Nothing is official yet, but according to a news report, crime-fighting and detective services of Dr. Owen and Lola will be needed to fight a gene-altering technology developed by Paraguayan Gang.

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