‘Miley Cyrus’ & ‘Cody Simpson’ are BREAKING UP??!! Is ‘Liam Hemsworth’ Behind the Rumor??!

Miley Cyrus has had a life with twists and turns, which we could never guess. Her life is still in the process of retracing the same route as a roller coaster.

Miley had married her boyfriend for many years in the year 2018. The couple broke up after a year of marriage. Miley then has gone on to date with Brody Jenner’s ex-girlfriend, Kaitlynn Carter.

Now, Cyrus is dating her long-time bestie Cody Simpson. However, even this relationship is taking another steep curve towards an unknown destination.

There are breakup rumors going on about the duo. The Pretty Brown Eyes singer was identified hanging around with playboy Model Jordy Murray. This news sent the internet into another deep round contemplation of the future of the Wrecking Ball performer.Hollywood Life

As a result, the media and the fans agreed with the theory that maybe Cody Simpson is cheating. Moreover, in the comparable period, the Party In The USA singer released a new song called Sad Christmas Song.

Therefore, the fans agreed that their theory is most probably right. Undoubtedly, the couple must have broken up to release a sad song on a Christmas Day. They are like oxymorons!

Furthermore, there were pictures circulating of Cody making out with some random girl. Simpson denied the rumors by clarifying that the girl was his friend. Cody also explained that the pictures were fake. The Home To Mama singer further clarified that the couple has not broken up.


In addition to that, the couple has dismissed the rumors of their break up. Miley Cyrus had posted a get-together photo on Christmas Day. The couple was having the time of their lives with their loved ones. The duo also spent vacationing in Malibu. Let’s hope the duo will have a happy and healthy relationship.

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