‘Mission Impossible 7’: ‘Tom Cruise’ will Face off against ‘Nicholas Hoult’ as the new villain

His next mission found Nicholas Hoult. The star is supporting Tom Cruise in the upcoming “Mission Impossible 7.”

His exact role is unclear, but the presumption is that Hoult will play a villain. In the seventh and eighth follow-ups Cruise reprises his role as the globe-trotting secret agent Ethan Hunt. McQuarrie’s going to write and direct both, which are going to take back to back.

Originally Hoult was up for Goose’s son’s role in Cruise’s “Top Gun 2,” due this summer in theatres. Although he didn’t get the part and he a solid meeting with Cruise that paved the way for them to at some point want to work together.

Now Director Christopher McQuarrie Hasn’t revealed much info about Mission Impossible 7 Release Date but from history with the Mission impossible Series and Other Source the Mission Impossible is expected to have a Summer 2021 Release Date.

'Mission Impossible 7': 'Tom Cruise' will Face off against 'Nicholas Hoult' as the new villain

Paramount and Skydance dated July 23, 2021, the seventh installment, while the eighth entry will release on August 5, 2022.

McQuarrie also directed the “Rogue Nation” for 2015 and the “Fallout” for 2018, the franchise’s highest-grossing entry of $791.1 million worldwide. The six movies in the series have earned a combined $3.57 billion in box office worldwide. Cruise and Paramount decided on McQuarrie as the main director after years of switching up the filmmaker to give each chapter a new feel.

In “Dark Phoenix,” Hoult recently reproduced his role as Beast, having appeared as the character in four “X-Men” movies. His credits also include the black comedy “The Favourite” from 2018, “Max Max: Fury Road” from 2015 and “Tolkien” from last year’s biopic.'Mission Impossible 7': 'Tom Cruise' will Face off against 'Nicholas Hoult' as the new villain

It was Nicholas who sought his next mission. In the forthcoming sequel to “Mission: Impossible,” the star will portray Tom Cruise, as producer Christopher McQuarrie reported on Instagram.

His exact role is unclear but the role of a villain is assumed to play by Hult. Cruise is repeating its role as the seventh and eighth followers of the globetrotting secret agent Ethan Hunt. McQuarrie expected to write and direct and is going to shot consecutively.

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