My First Girlfriend Is a Gal Season 2: Story, Release Date & Others!

‏ My First Girlfriend Is a Gal Season 2 is an upcoming anime TV series. It is based on the Manga series, Hajimete no girl. It is made in the adaptation of NAZ,  produced by Jotaro Ishigami and Ichigo Yamada under the direction of Hiroyuki Furukawa. The series revolves around the play protagonist Junichi Hashiba, who is afraid to approach any girl. He is a high school student who only thinks about how to lose his virginity.

About My First Girlfriend Is a Gal Season 2

A year passed but everything was the same Hashiba was still a nerd. His friends always made fun of him but they also tried various tricks to make Hashiba fall in love with a beautiful girl Yukana Yame, his classmate.

However, the different poles attracted. Yame agreed to be a couple with him. But mistakenly Hashiba’s friends forgot to tell him that Yame is a supporter of Gaya women, a moment in which women defense their Independence from men. Later, a new character, Ranko Honjo, Yame’s best friend has romantic feelings for Yame. However, she wants to seduce Hashiba to separate both of them. My First Girlfriend Is a Gal Season 2 will start from here?

The couple doesn’t have anything similar and is extremely different now it would be fun watching how will they compromise with each other.

The Official Announcements

The creators of this series haven’t made any official announcements since season 1 ended in 2017. But we can expect My First Girlfriend Is a Gal Season 2 to release anytime soon as three years are passed. We indeed cant think about the new Season now. But you never know when the officials might release the news of a New Season. So you cant be losing hope.

The Cast

My First Girlfriend Is a Gal Season 2

However, the creators haven’t announced any official statement about their cast for season 2 so it would be very early to predict anything but we can also expect the voice cast of season 1 to voice this upcoming season.

My First Girlfriend Is a Gal Season 2 Release Date

The makers haven’t made any announcement regarding this series. But, the news suggests this season is scheduled to be released in 2020 end.

The Trailer

The makers haven’t released an official trailer for this season till now. But, we can expect it anytime soon.


My First Girlfriend Is a Gal is available on Crunchyroll So those who want to watch it can check it out there.

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