Will Smith is PISSED!!! learning that Jaden Smith is GAY!!! & Dating Tyler The Creator

The Karate Kid star, rapper, and son of Will and Pinkett Smith,(Jaden Smith) openly said that he was Homosexual. But is Jaden Smith Gay and Dating Tyler The Creator at the set of Camp Flog Naw. Jaden Smith and Tyler The creator have been known to be good friends but whether they are dating or not still remains the question. "Jaden Smith" Is Seriously ill, "Will Smith" and "Jada Pinkett Smith" Worried Again After Son's Relation!!!

Is Jaden Smith Gay Reveal has shocked many fans but many are calling it obvious seeing the hints jaden has dropped previously.

Recently, Tyler The Creator won the 2019 Grammy in the category of the “best rapping album,” and was overwhelmed with his first Grammy. He gave thanks to his mother and all his fans for being there for him and supporting him. It was an emotional moment for him and his family at the Grammys and Jaden Smith showed his support as well.

While addressing the crowd Jaden said “I just wanna say Tyler The Creator is my world and I love him so f….g much. And I wanna tell you guys something Tyler doesn’t wanna say, but Tyler is my motherf….g boyfriend and he has been my whole motherf….g boyfriend in my whole motherf…g life. It’s true! Tyler is my boyfriend, according to Union Journalism. 

Tyler The Creator tweeted in response saying “ Haha, you’re a crazy n…a man.” Later Jaden Smith replied “ I told everyone! You can’t deny it now. It is well known that both the celebrities but Jaden Smith ‘s statement and Tyler The Creator’s response can be a hoax that both of them are trying to pull off as a joke between friends.

As of now Tyler The Creator has not publicly confirmed anything and the fact that both the rappers could be dating is not yet official. Many fans believe Jaden Smith”s statement to be true, on the other hand some fans argue that the two could just be playing around with each other as they were both acting pretty casual publicly.

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