My Hero Academia Chapter 296 :Release Date, Plotline and More!!

Mangas are originally very popular. Talking about specific genres, superhero mangas are something that is extremely catching up with audiences overseas. My Hero Academia is a Japanese manga series that belongs to the superhero genre. Its writer Kōhei Horikoshi is already an established illustrator for various famous mangas. Will we have My Hero Academia Chapter 296 soon?

About My Hero Academia Chapter 296

The production house for this series is Shueisha Inc. It is a Japanese production company that has been going strong since its establishment in 1925. The manga has been extremely popular and has now been serialized in an anime series with the same name. The first season of the anime was released in April 2016. It had a fair run till July same year and it came for a second season. Since the entire novel is recorded in a total of 28 volumes, the series is going to have Chapter 296.

My Hero Academia Chapter 296 :Release Date, Plotline and More!!

The Japanese manga also has an animated movie after it by the title My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. The movie was also received with a lot of love and attention. The show which is otherwise in the Japanese language is also dubbed in other languages for its fans to have a jolly tie watching it. Viz Media, the popular distributor, has the license for the official distribution of the anime series. So will My Hero Academia Chapter 296 be produced soon?

The original run of the series happened on July 7, 2014, and the broadcast is still going strong with episodes out every week. Let us dive deep into this article for more news on your favorite anime series.

My Hero Academia Chapter 296 :Release Date, Plotline and More!!

Release Date of My Hero Academia Chapter 296

There has been so much hype about the release date of Chapter 296. So guys end all your frantic google searches for the release date of the next chapter and read on to find out. The release date of the next chapter is January 3, 2021. The release time is mostly routed to be around midnight JST.

My Hero Academia 1

The Official Announcements

Winning awards for books are pretty popular in the literary arena. But receiving awards for comic books is a far-fetched dream for many. My Hero Academia has made that a reality. The Japanese manga (read a comic book / graphic novel) has received the 2019 Harvey Award for its special achievement as being the best manga of the year. The show has also received a fair share of critical acclaim from most of the critiques as well as news personalities. Will fans get another My Hero Academia Chapter 296?

My Hero Academia Chapter 296 :Release Date, Plotline and More!!

Anime News Network’s Nick Creamer has highlighted the show to be “detailed, angular, and tremendously consistent” and also called the anime to bring about “self-awareness”. And that’s actually true considering what the show is all about, it does oscillate around the underlying fact of self-awareness and acceptance, thereof. There are other many important aspects the show features and could be termed as a must-watch superhero flick.

The show has a lot of attention still. Considering that its first run happened more than 6 years ago, this is a great feat for an anime series. The anime series is already up for release sometime around March 2021. My Hero Academia Chapter 296 based on the manga can also see the light of the day.

The Storyline

The basic setting of the show is a world many thousands of years from now. Not in the technology perspective, but the supernatural one. Everyone has some of the other superpowers. And it is fairly normal to have distinct powers. No two persons can have similar or related superpowers except when they are closely related by blood. These humans or rather super-humans are referred to as The Quirks. This brings us to the concept of the ones with no abilities to develop powers. This is one breed of individuals who are related to the ones bearing powers but for some or the other reason, they do not have one. Will My Hero Academia Chapter 296 continue on this?

My Hero Academia Chapter 296 :Release Date, Plotline and More!!

The story begins from the point when a certain Izuku Midoriya, who dreams of becoming a superhero someday, lacks powers. He has always been at the receiving end of all bullying.  This is where the journey of a normal guy starts who eventually becomes a superhero or not is for the readers to find out.

The Cast of My Hero Academia Chapter 296

The show begins and in fact, revolves around the lives of students and staff of the U.A. High School. There is a long list of characters that could eventually exceed the entire article. We shall introduce you to some of the mains ones though. First up is our beloved Nezu, the principal. Then there is the Recovery Girl who is the Nurse, Thirteen, the Rescue Training Specialist, and Lunch Rush, the Chef. Followed by Hound Dog, the Guidance Counselor. This list continues with the U.A. High School teachers of English, Art History, and of course, Heroics. Will we have all these in My Hero Academia Chapter 296?

The Trailer

Do not forget to catch the trailer below.

My Hero Academia is available on Netflix. So those who want to watch it can check it there.

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