My Unfamiliar Family Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other Details!

About My Unfamiliar Family Season 2

My unfamiliar family is a South Koren drama which was aired on tvN from June 1 2020 to July 21 2020. The series directed by Kwon Young-11 and written by Kim Eun Jung had a total of 16 episodes. Waiting for My Unfamiliar Family Season 2?. Let us look into the details.

My Unfamiliar Family Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other Details!

My Unfamiliar Family Season 2: Release Date

As of now, we don’t have any news about a  second season, and also, it is heard that there will not be a second season for the series. Otherwise, season 1 itself was the conclusion.

The Cast

Jung Jin-young as Kim Sang-shik, Han Joon-woo as young Sang-shik  Won Mi-kyung as Lee Jin-sook, Ah Young as  young Jin-sook, Choo Ja -hyun as Kim Eun-joo,  Han Ye-ri as Kim Eun-hee,  Shin Jae-ha as Kim Ji-woo, and  Kim Ji-seok as Park Chan-hyuk  comes in the main roles of the show, with many more supporting cast.   If we are still thinking of a season 2, we can expect the same cast again.

The Storyline

The story of My Unfamiliar Family is based on Han Ye Ri, who is the second child in a family which is slowly drifting apart. She has got an older sister, who is a patent attorney, and her small brother is very sensitive. Her father who is very hard working, keeps a distant attitude towards the family. Due to this attitude, her mother tries to start a new chapter in her life. In the midst of all these, Han Ye Ri is craving for intimacy.

She confides everything to her college friend Park Chan Hyuk, who has become like a brother to her, and more related to her than her siblings. But later when things are not going well, is it the family or the friends, who will turn out to help her? The drama which emphasizes the need of strong family relations, may portray more scenes on family relationships, if a My Unfamiliar Season 2 happens.

The Trailer


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