Narcos Mexico Season 3 is Coming Soon. Will There Be a Drug-War? Read All Deets Below

Narcos: Mexico is the crime drama series that is based on the story of infamous Mexico’s first drug kingpin, Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo. The series mainly focuses on the illegal drug trade that was being done in Mexico.

The First Season was aired on November 16, 2018. The Second Season was aired on February 13, 2020. Each season has 10 episodes, which are available on Netflix. Narcos Mexico was able to attract the audience and critics as well. This series has a score of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics also agreed on the statement that this series is quite Thrilling and Supremely Addictive.

Narcos Mexico Season 3 - Diego Luna As Felix Gallardo
Narcos Mexico Season 3 – Diego Luna As Felix Gallardo

Narcos Mexico Season 3: Story-line

We can expect much more acceleration into all the chaos with being Felix Gallardo going to jail. Some people will think that it will be stopped but I think it will cause much more trouble.

Till now Felix Gallardo was the one who kept everybody together and now that he is in jail everything will start falling apart so there will be more chaos.

So stay tuned to see what happens next.

Narcos: Mexico Season 3: Cast

About the cast, we can’t guess anything, but we can see that Tenoch Huerta as Rafa Caro Quintero, Joaquin Cosio as Don Neto and Teresa Ruiz as Isabella are most Unlikely to be returning in season 3 after being barred at the end of season 2.

So still nothing confirmation about the cast, all we can hope is that it will keep us more entertained.

Narcos Mexico Season 3 - Teresa Ruiz as Isabella
Narcos Mexico Season 3 – Teresa Ruiz as Isabella

Narcos: Mexico Season 3: Release Date

Netflix is yet to officially announce the third season of Narcos: Mexico, but the fans of this series no need to be sad because normally after the ending of the previous season around one month or more the news related to next season is being announced or released.

But we can probably expect to be released the third season of Narcos: Mexico on somewhere around May 2021, as we follow up the previous seasons’ pattern.

Still nothing official news but Hope that it will be announced soon.


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