Netlfix’s Space Force Season 1 Coming This Year with Steve Carell: Release Date, New Cast & More

Soon after the planning of discontinuation of The Office and Friends, Netflix is in all preparations to fill the void in its sitcom genre. Netflix will soon add laughter to the life of binge-watchers with New web-show “Space Force.”

This series is possibly an NBC curated extension of the triumph of The Office. In recent times, there have been many tweets and verbal messages that have led to some information popping up in the market about Space Force. But the day is not far when fans will have to reserve some post-dinner hours for this sitcom. Hopefully, a show will now be a series in the future.

What does the official announcement say?

Since the official announcement of the making and launch of Space Force, vapors have surfaced about the cast, which is helping the creation of hype about the show. 

After the announcement of the federal government about the new branch of US Armed Forces, in July 2019, this story will showcase the 6th branch, i.e., Space Force. It will be a workspace sitcom to portray a relationship between the men and women at this branch.

Netlfix's Space Force Season 1 Coming This Year with Steve Carell: Release Date, New Cast & More

Space Force’s Cast 

Netflix has officially announced the cast on Space Force’s Twitter Handle in bits. But, it does include cast that will be paid in million-dollars.

Let’s have a brief look at the star cast with their characters – 

  • John Malkovich – He will play Dr. Adrian Mallory, a scientific advisor. 
  • Dana Silvers – will play Erin Naird, a student posted at a remote military base. 
  • Tawny Newsome – will play Angela Ali. It will be the character of a helicopter pilot. 
  • Ben Schwartz – will portray the character of a media consultant. 

There are many other cast members among announced for Space Force, namely, Alex Sparrow, Jimmy O. Yawn, Fred Williard, Jessica St. Clair, and Noah Emmerich and Mark Steger. 

It will be amazing to see how this story of Steve Carell will bring up the laughs and ticklings in every fan’s tummy. 

When will Space Force launch on Netflix?

As of now, there are no words out about the specific release date and schedule. All we know as of today is that it should be coming up in the second half of 2020 as a 10-episode bundle. Herald Journalism hereafter will continue to track the announcements and upcoming news about Space Force and will update here once any concrete information surfaces. 

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