New ‘Doom Movie’ ‘Doom’ Annihilation is releasing on Netflix and here’s how you can watch it

The newest DOOM film will stream on Netflix tomorrow, just in case you want to ruin your holiday break absolutely. That’s right, Netflix announced that starting tomorrow, December 25, every Netflix subscriber will be able to enjoy and watch DOOM: extinction as part of a multi-year agreement that will carry the 2019 film to the streaming platform.

DOOM: Annihilation released earlier this year for those who don’t know. It is a reboot based on Id Software’s video game series, written and directed by Tony Giglio, and is also the second live-action film adaptation in the franchise, with the first coming in 2005.

Tarring, Amy Manson, Luke-Allen Gale, Nina Bergman, Dominic Mafham, and more, accompanied by marines who had to battle demons coming from the “Gates,” a kind of interdimensional teleportation device. Sadly, the film is not very successful, or at least that would lead you to believe in its critical reviews.

That said, it actually sold quite well despite mostly negative reviews, beating yearly sales expectations after a month. In other words, while the film — for the most part — was struggling with critics, it obviously found an audience.

Original Video Game:

“DOOM: Annihilation is an intense, frightening thrill ride based on the popular original video game,” reads an official synopsis of the film. ” Lieutenant Joan Dark and a Marines elite team are responsible for destroying an ever-growing army of bloodsucking and soul-stealing beasts and stopping them from taking over the planet earth.”

Destiny 3 is coming, that’s confirmed by Bungie. In addition, it will almost definitely be via the PS5 and Xbox Series X when it appears. In other words, it’s a next-gen game. It sounds like Destiny 3 isn’t, though, though next-gen is right around the corner.

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