New Yaravirus is KILLING HUNDREDS!!! in Africa & Nobody is Talking about This Epidemic

The world is recovering from the outbreak of Coronavirus. The pandemic virus is still threatening the world to a great extent. Meanwhile, scientists have discovered a new infection with an entirely new genome. The virus is altogether unknown to the scientists. The research is ongoing regarding the virus.

What is Yaravirus?

Yaravirus brasiliensis is shocking the researchers with its unique characteristics. The virus does not have any familiar Gene. The crowding of the unfamiliar gene is making the situation more complicated.

The virus got its name after a mythical water-queen in Brazil. Lake Pampulha is the origin of the Yaravirus in the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte.

The virus is not harmful, but it is mysterious. The scientists are comparing it with the water nymph. The recent discovery of the Yaravirus have a complex genome, but it is not among the giant viruses like those of Tupanvirus and many more.

Yaravirus is like small eighty NM size particles. The scientists are stating that the virus has orphan genes, and it is around ninety percent. The scientists are still figuring out the resemblance of the gene with that of the other giant or different viruses. The people residing in Brazil is still healthy, and no such cases are at the forefront.

The scientists are unable to get the signature gene of Yaravirus in any other genome. The virus is rare, and only six genes of the virus showed some similarities with others.

“It was really a big surprise since so far we only know giant viruses infecting amoebas, not small viruses,” said Jônatas Abrahão, a senior author, who is an associate professor in the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil.

He also added to his statement that the origin or the evolution of the virus is still unknown. The virus does not infect human cells. The study of the virus is anonymous, as there is a lot to explore.

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