Bachelorette star “Hannah Brown” Shamelessly SANG the N-word & then Blammed her BROTHER!!!, Fans are ANGRY

Who is Hannah Brown?

Hannah Brown is a Television Personality. She did the shows like The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, Dancing with Stars. She is also a Beauty pageant titleholder, and she was also crowned with Miss Alabama in 2018.

What Happened Exactly that she is being slammed?

We all know that ABC always stays in the headlines due to the franchise The Bachelor. We know The Bachelor is quite famous for the controversies and off-camera scandals. And recently just something like that happened. Famous Hannah Brown, who has nearly 3 million followers on Instagram. She did come live on Instagram on May 16, 2020, and she was trying to learn how to dance for TikTok video, and she was dancing on the song “Rockstar” by DaBaby. And she was also singing the song during that live stream on Instagram. She did skip the word F during the song, but she did sing the lines, including the N-word. She didn’t even realize she said the N-word; during the live stream, she did see the comments, and that’s when she realized that the fans are calling her out for singing that word.

Bachelorette star Hannah Brown Shamelessly SANG the N-word & then Blammed her BROTHER!!!, Fans are ANGRY

What Happened after that Hannah Brown used N-word?

After this, she did say that oh, I did, and she said sorry. Like she didn’t know she did speak that word. On May 17, 2020, she did write in her Instagram story that I owe you all the major apology, and there is no excuse, and I can’t, and I will not justify what I said. She also added that she did read the messages from the fans and can feel the pain how much I did cause. She said I own it all what make I made, and I am extremely sorry and also mentioned that this kind of language is unacceptable. Hannah Brown did face so much hate comments from fans, and I think those are valid also because this kind of language in public or even in private isn’t acceptable at all.

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