Olympia Kyklos Episode 22 Release Date and More Updates

Olympia Kyklos or Bessatsu Olympia Kyklos is a clay-animated series is based on a Japanese comedy manga series created by Mari Yamazaki. The short anime adaptation started airing on 20 April 2020 but went on a hiatus before the 5th episode was released due to the pandemic. Thereafter, it resumed its course on 22 June 2020. The series is supposed to have a run of 24 episodes and has almost reached the finish line with Olympia Kyklos Episode 22 already streaming on Crunchyroll.

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Olympia Kyklos Episode 22 is out! Watch it on Crunchyroll!

Olympia Kyklos Episode 22 Announcement & Release Date

It’s great news for the viewers of the show! The 22nd episode of Olympia Kyklos is already out! It aired on 19 October 2020, Monday and was subsequently released on Crunchyroll as well. Titled as “Your White Lie”, the 22nd addition to the short series is a must-watch since we are reaching the concluding episodes of the show. Only two more episodes are left before we bid adieu to this unique comedy.

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Olympia Kyklos Storyline

The sports comedy is seemingly part of the promotional procedure for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. Set in Ancient Greece, the show features a character named Demetrios, a vase painter who vehemently loathes sports and the competitions associated with them. His village’s reputation is put on his shoulders when he is asked to invent a game through which he can strike a competition with the neighboring village’s mayor. In order to save himself from it all, he hides inside a huge vase which is then struck by lightening thereby facilitating time travel. He finds himself transported to the future Tokyo of 1964, a time when the Summer Olympics are being held in the city.

Watch Episode 22 of Olympia Kyklos on Crunchyroll.


Olympia Kyklos Episode 22 Characters

  • The head of the village voiced by Jin Katagiri
  • Demetrios voiced by Daisuke Ono
  • Professor Iwatani voiced by Takashi Sato

The series has been directed by Ryo Fujii and the script-writing has been done by him as well along with Atsushi Tsuboi and Takeshi Takemura.

Olympia Kyklos Episode 22 Trailer

Check out the trailer of Olympia Kyklos below:

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